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Former Miami Mayor wanted to fight, gets arrested by FBI instead

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Two South Florida mayors were supposed to fight in a MMA charity event. Instead, one gets arrested on bribery charges by the FBI.

Former Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi was expected to face Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez in a charity mixed martial arts (MMA) event on Sept. 6, 2013. Expected is the key word, as Pizzi was arrested on Tuesday morning (Aug. 6, 2013) on bribery charges.

The charges came from a FBI sting investigation that involved Pizzi and Sweetwater, Fla., Mayor Manny Marono.

Hernandez spoke with the Miami Herald, calling the arrests an "unfortunate event that for not only Miami Lakes and Sweetwater, but all of South Florida." The arrests have forced the cancelation of the charity event.

The fight apparently came together at a dinner earlier this year when Pizzi and Hernandez discussed their past experiences fighting. The event was called "MMA Mayhem at Milander Mayor vs. Mayor," which is some incredible alliteration.

Tickets were sold and sponsors were found to help fund the event with the proceeds going to children's charities. With the fight now cancelled, everything will now be refunded. Hernandez still wants to fight, but I guess he'll have to find another mayor to face in the cage.

Check out a video of Pizzi training for the ill-fated match below: