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UFC Fight Night 26 headliner Shogun Rua not a fan of Chael Sonnen's treatment of fellow Brazilian fighters

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Has Chael Sonnen made a terrible mistake?

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

In most cases, former UFC Light Heavyweight champion and Pride 2005 Grand Prix champion Mauricio Rua would rather let his fists do the talking than have anything negative to say about an upcoming opponent.

But Chael Sonnen isn't just anyone.

Sonnen made a name for himself after being severely critical of then-UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silvamocking his mannerisms, his fashion sense and his ability to speak English.

When that didn't quite work, Sonnen shifted targets to legendary Brazilian heavyweight Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and former long-time reigning Pride champion Wanderlei Silva, even the entire country of Brazil in general.

That doesn't sit well with Rua, according to a recent interview with Bleacher Report.

"I never really appreciated the way Chael treats people in Brazil, and the way he treated Anderson and Wanderlei. Sonnen can say good things about me, but that's not going to be the thing that makes me change my mind about him. Chael is a great fighter, but I don't approve of what he's done with a couple of opponents, I don't agree with that."

While Sonnen has been rather reserved in regards to trash-talking Rua, himself, it was the criticism he directed a "Shogun's" former Chute Box teammate Wanderlei Silva that hurt most of all.

"I feel personally attacked when Chael talks about Wanderlei. That's what really gets to me."

Rua will have an opportunity to get his hands on Sonnen next Saturday night (Aug. 17, 2013) in the main event of UFC Fight Night 26 at the TD Garden in Boston, Masachussets. Perhaps now that he feels like Superman after working with Freddie Roach, he can make the mouth ex-realtor eat his own words.