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Korean Zombie also suffered fractured foot during UFC 163 title fight against Jose Aldo

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Chang Sung Jung might be the most heavily injured fighter in UFC title fight history

One of these things is not like the other
One of these things is not like the other

What a trooper.

At this point, it would probably be surprising to find out what bones Chan Sung Jung didn't break in his featherweight title fight last weekend (Aug. 3, 2013) against Jose Aldo for the main event of UFC 163 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

"The Korean Zombie" was mobbed by the media upon his return to his home country and he revealed that on top of the separated shoulder and the fractured face, he tells yonhapnews that he also believes he fractured his foot during the bout (pictured above).

The title ended moments after Jung separated his shoulder throwing a right hook. His punch caught Featherweight Champion Aldo in the top of his head at the perfect angle to knock his arm out of its socket. Jung valiantly tried to pop his arm back into place but was unable to reposition it and wilted under Aldo's fourth round attack moments later.

No word on when exactly the injury took place. Jung is expected to be out up to six months unless he's medically cleared by a physician.

If he doesn't suffer such debilitating injuries, is this a completely different fight?