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World Series of Fighting WSOF 4 results, LIVE online updates for 'Spong vs DeAnda' (Aug. 10) on NBC Sports

Complete World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 4 coverage below, including quick results and main card play-by-play updates of the NBC Sports-televised event TONIGHT (Sat., Aug. 10, 2013), including the light heavyweight main event between mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Angel DeAnda and reputed kickboxer Tyrone Spong.

Photo via WSOF

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) heads to "The Golden State" TONIGHT (Sat., Aug. 10, 2013), holding its fourth-ever event at Citizen's Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of WSOF 4 below, beginning with the NBC Sports telecast at 10:30 p.m. ET. In addition, we'll deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of all the under card action much earlier in the evening (beginning at 8 p.m. ET).

Headlining the main event will be a highly intriguing light heavyweight showdown featuring elite kickboxer and recent light heavyweight Grand Prix winner Tyrone Spong in his second mixed martial arts (MMA) contest against California-based brawler Angel DeAnda. DeAnda is promising to give Spong the fight he should have got in his MMA debut at the first WSOF event last year.

The co-main event will showcase veteran kickboxer and temporarily stepped down WSOF president Ray Sefo against talented heavyweight finisher Dave Huckaba. Huckaba was originally slated to face Rolles Gracie at the last WSOF 3 event but an injury to Gracie forced both men off the card. Instead, now he gets a chance to punch his boss in the face.

Also on tap are some interesting lightweight bouts featuring promotional newcomers Nick Newell vs Keon Caldwell and Tyson Griffin against veteran Gesias Cavalcante. Rising bantamweight star is also slated to take on Brandon Hempleman.

Check out complete WSOF quick results and LIVE real-time updates below:

C.J. Tuttle here, live and in the flesh from Citizens Bank Arena...

The buzz in here surrounding Marlon Moraes -- is real...


205 lbs.: Tyrone Spong vs. Angel DeAnda -- Tyrone Spong wins via unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Marlon Moraes vs. Brandon Hempleman -- Marlon Moraes via unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Keon Caldwell vs. Nick Newell -- Nick Newell -- Round 1 -- 2:07 -- Guillotine

265 lbs: Ray Sefo vs. Dave Huckaba -- Dave Huckaba -- Round 2 --  4:32 -- TKO (Punches)

155 lbs.: Tyson Griffin vs. Gesias Cavalcante -- JZ Cavalcante -- Round 3 -- 1:37 TKO (Punches)

170 lbs.: Gerald Harris vs. Jorge Santiago -- Gerald Harris via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Antonio McKee vs. Lewis Gonzalez -- Lewis Gonzalez via unanimous decision
205 lbs.: Lew Polley vs. Hans Stringer --  Fight scratched due to this: HERE
135 lbs.: Jared Papazian vs. John Robles -- Jared Papazian via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Isaac Gutierrez vs. Victor Valenzuela -- Victor Valenzuela -- Round 2 -- 2:41 -- Rear Naked Choke


Turtle here!

Scary main event for Spong. DeAnda has absolutely nothing to lose and that works in his favor.

205 lbs. Tyrone Spong vs. Angel DeAnda

Round one: Spong slipped early, crowd ate it up. DeAnda looking to counter early. Spong really gets his hips into these kicks, they reverberate through the arena. Spong hit a nice body shot as DeAnda came in, Spong starting to find his range. Another nasty leg kick. DeAnda trying to keep moving as Sprong keeps coming forward. ANOTHER nasty leg kick. DeAnda rushed at Spong, but Tyrone was able to back away easily. The kicks are coming more frequently, DeAnda is looking to punch his way out of it. Another kick, and this one buckled DeAnda. Angel is bleeding from the nose. He landed a combo as the round ended.

(10-9) Spong

Round two: The leg kicks keep coming -- DeAnda is trying to land a spinning back fist as he gets turned around on the kicks, but to no avail. Angel has heart, he is still attempting to win the fight. He went for a take down but it was stuffed. Angel still maintaining good movement, he went for another take down but gave up halfway. Nasty left hook from Spong to DeAnda's face. The difference in the two's physique is stark -- but Angel is still moving well. DeAnda caught a leg kick finally but wasn't able to turn it into a take down. DeAnda pushes Spong into the cage to buy sometime after another kick buckled him. They both traded some stiff punches in the center of the ring, DeAnda's mouthpiece was knocked from his mouth. Entertaining round.

(10-9) Spong

Round three: The leg kicks began right off the bat. The left front leg of DeAnda is broken. Just barely hanging in there. He still is hanging in there. Two minutes left. Will he go for broke? Spong cutting off DeAnda well, leaving him nowhere to run. One minute left -- crowd calling for a finish. This one will go to the cards and be an easy one to call.

(10-9) Spong

Final Result: Tyrone Spong wins via unanimous decision


135 lbs.: Marlon Moraes vs. Brandon Hempleman

Moraes comes into this one looking to continue his impressive streak of finishing fights. Co-main event time...

Round one: Good back and forth to begin the round. Both are quick, Hempleman is already bleeding pretty badly. Moraes looks deadly. The left head kick is landing -- Moraes caught Hempleman and he is wobbled -- Moraes is on top and bashing on Hempleman. The crimson is flowing freely. Moraes is working the ground and pound, with Hempleman in full guard. The ref stood the two up with 30 seconds left in round. Hempleman is going to be looked at by doctor due to the cut. He wants to go -- crowd loves it -- adrenaline flowing. Round ends, close to 10-8 but i'll be nice.

(10-9) Moraes

Round two: The leg kicks and striking of Moraes are the difference, Hempleman is tough though. showing no signs of letting up. Hempleman just got caught again with a right hand. Moraes is in the top position, Hempleman is trying to stand up by using the cage. Blood is focal point but Hempleman is doing fine. Keeping composure -- his leg is about to give way from the leg kicks. He is desperate. He cannot stand on his front leg. But tough as hell. Moraes is picking his spots, not going full bore for finish. Hempleman changed his stance, leading with his one good leg. Hempleman begging for more at end of round.

(10-9) Moraes

Round three: Moraes is still hitting the legs with kicks. Surprised to see Hempleman's team send him back out there. It is only going to make the damage worse. This is officially a showcase for Moraes. Marlon is honestly taking mercy on Hempleman, he is not destroying the man, just dancing around the cage and picking spots. Either it's out of pity or ignorance. Now with a huge head kick. This could of been much worse but this 3rd round has been a bummer. I can't tell if it was sportsmanship or Moraes is content with a win via decision. A couple flashy kicks and this one is going to decision. Hempleman probably comes out even on the loss after toughing it out.

(10-9) Moraes

Final Result: Marlon Moraes wins via unanimous decision


155 lbs.: Keon Caldwell vs. Nick Newell

Round one: Watching Newell fight is a treat. He was in danger, managed to get the take down and is now scoring against the cage. He is throwing left and rights, now a spinning back fist, NOW a take down. He is the real deal. Newell with another take down -- on top with two minutes left in round. Wait -- HE JUST CHOKED OUT CALDWELL

Final Result: Nick Newell wins via submission 2:07 in 1st round


265 lbs.: Ray Sefo vs. Dave Huckaba

*Josh Barnett sighting. Along with Bellator's Saad Awad, Cub Swanson and Anthony Johnson. Hero's welcome for Sefo.

Round one: Huckaba should be immediately trying to take this fight down to the ground, but he looks willing to trade. Both want to load up. Sefo working the leg kick like a jab early. Quick looking spinning back fist from Sefo woke everyone up, including Huckaba. Sefo landed a huge overhand left, wobbled Huckaba. Then went back to the leg kicks. Nice combo from Sefo went high with punch then low with kick. Now using pretty head movement. Huckaba's upper thigh is definitely hurting. Now Huckaba pushing into cage, as he should. Sefo had a take down late and tried to lock in a crucifix -- Roy Nelson style.

(10-9) Sefo

Round two: Huge spinning back kick from Sefo. Huckaba is throwing punches back but Sefo was obviously in a higher class earlier in his career also. These two heavyweights are standing in front of each other, smiling, throwing huge punches and encouraging one another. Sefo loves it. Have to believe he has his promotion in the back of his mind when something entertaining goes on. There was an inadvertent low blow. When they came back together Huckaba went to town on Sefo up against the cage. They are going hard in the clinch. Sefo is dirty boxing well, but he has eaten punches. He turned the tables and now has Huckaba against the cage. Sefo is landing nasty leg kicks. Think Ric Flair across someones chest, but instead Huckaba's thigh. 

Huckaba caught Sefo -- he landed 16 straight punches, Sefo was dazed but never fell. The ref stepped in, it was a mercy kill. Great fight.

Final Result: Dave Huckaba wins via TKO at 4:32 of 2nd round


155 lbs.: Tyson Griffin vs. Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante

The parlay lives on with Harris squeaking out the victory. Next up: Tyson Griffin

Round one: Tyson looks active with his footwork. JZ has had the better of the exchanges. Tyson with a crucial take down at the end of the round. JZ did not want to let go of guillotine at end of round.

The take down will weigh heavily with judges but I give the round to Cavalcante.

(10-9) Cavalcante

Round two: JZ and Tyson come out swinging, Tyson goes for take down, but JZ has control. Landing some heavy knees to Griffin's body. Ref stands both up. Crucial moment in the fight. JZ hit a nice body kick sending Griffin into cage but Griffin shook his head, letting us know he is cool. The two are in the clinch up against the cage, when they seperate they exchange Tyson landing a kick to the bottom of JZ's chin, now a couple other nice punches but Cavalcante keeps coming forward. Very close round but I will give the edge to Griffin this time around. Tyson whiffed on a huge head kick attempt. Interesting third round upcoming.

(10-9) Griffin

Round three: Cavalcante with a take down early. This is big in a close fight. Cavalcante looking to stay active and maintain the position. Uh-oh, JZ has Griffin's back, he is reigning down punches and the ref steps in and ends the fight.

Terrible stoppage, in a close fight.

Final Result: JZ Cavalcante wins via ref stoppage at 1:37 of 3rd round



170 lbs.: Gerald Harris vs. Jorge Santiago

This one should be good. It also marks the beginning of my 6 fight parlay -- Gerald Harris.

Round one: Both gauging their range. Harris looking to load up with the left. Santiago with a big leg kick but Harris got his hands up. Harris circling well. Santiago doing work with the right leg. Harris staying active with jabs. Harris shoots and grabs a leg, doesn't complete the take down and THEN HAS A HUGE SLAM ON SANTIAGO. Santiago blatantly held onto top of cage. Ref deducts a point.

(10-8) Harris

Round two: Long break in between rounds. Both come out trading, Santiago lands big leg kick to Harris head, then to Harris legs taking Harris down, but Gerald ends up on top. Gerald remaining on top, not doing much, but at this point I don't blame him. Wouldn't be surprised if his leg is hurt. Santiago is going for a triangle but Harris seems secure in his ability to slam himself free. Crowd begging for the two to be stood up.

(10-9) Harris

Round three: Jorge must go all out. He hits another huge leg kick on Harris, Santiago knows that Harris is hurt. He is landing huge knees to Harris sternum. Harris has to keep this on the ground. Harris is in real trouble. He is trying to keep this fight on the ground. Harris with a single leg, trying to close the distance between the two. Santiago is flailing. He knows he must get the finish. Harris hit a haymaker, and hangs on to end the fight. Not what crowd wanted but smart.

(10-9) Santiago

Final Result: Gerald Harris via unanimous decision (29-27)


155 lbs.:  Lewis Gonzalez vs. Antonio McKee

Round one: Gonzalez had been pushing McKee against the cage but now McKee has somehow ended up on top. Not too much to the first round. Gonzalez is standing, McKee is holding on to his back and now is looking to finish via choke. Gonzalez was able to pull his hand free, now Mckee has the choke locked in with legs around midriff but Gonzalez still is staying alive.

Mckee still has Gonzalez's back and is continuing to go for the choke, but Gonzalez has now flipped the fight over and is attempting punches. Close round. I give the edge to Mckee.

(10-9) McKee

Round two: McKee definitely looks tired to begin the second. Gonzalez is controlling him on the ground. Gonzalez is working for a guillotine and side choke. Gonzalez is staying just active enough to where Abbott (as I will refer to him going forward) is resisting standing the two up. Think McKee is gaining his lungs. May concede this round as a result, but come out in third to squeak out a victory. Worst round of the evening so far.

(10-9) Gonzalez

Round three: Gonzalez on top to begin the third. McKee ate an elbow to the back of the head and is doing a good veteran job of playing it up. Doctor's now checking him out. Fight has been called, ref came over and told judges to score round. Fight has been stopped. Do not know how to score round, I don't know whether a point was taken.

They ruled it an accidental foul, the judges got this one correct.

Final Result: Lewis Gonzalez wins via unanimous decision (29-28)


135 lbs.: Jared Papazian vs. John Robles

Round one: Both men feeling each other out two minutes in. Stiff leg kick from Papazian on the inner shin of Robles. Papazian caught Robles square on chin, could hear Robles grimace. Papazian definitely smells blood, being the aggressor.

Robles knocked down Papazian. Both throwing bombs in final minute. Papazian really feeling it now. Wants to trade.

(10-9) Papazian.

Round two: These two look to be embroiled in a grudge match but the two are buddies. Papazian with the take down, caught Robles kick now on top working to gain position. Now posturing up to drop bombs. His right hand is nasty. John Robles trying to get to his feet but Papazian has the back and is landing the right hand. Robles stands up to a roar from the hometown fans.

Robles trying to steal the 2nd, but not doing enough. Papazian taunting, wants to trade but Robles backing away. Picking his spots.

(10-9) Papazian

Round three: This third round should be interesting. Papazian knows he has the decision, taking a much more passive approach in third. Robles corner imploring him to go for finish. Papazian got caught by Robles, but he still is coming forward. Nice combo from Papazian ending with a stiff knee to the gut.

Robles is eating big shots. Close round, closest Robles came to winning one, but I still give it to Papazian based on damage done.

(10-9) Papazian

Final Result: Jared Papazian wins via unanimous decision (30-27) -- (30-27) -- (29-28)


150 lbs.: Isaac Gutierrez vs. Victor Valenzuela

Blue corner will be out first this evening. In this instance, Mr. Victor Valenzuela

Hearing stream sucks. Is this true?

Round one: Both fighters going balls to wall with the striking. Good sprawl on the take down attempt from Valenzuela. Gutierrez caught Valenzuela square in the chin with punch knocking him down. Upon impact with floor Valenzuela was able to recover. Crazy sequence. Valenzuela came back at the end of round, still think the first was (10-9) Gutierrez.

Round two: Valenzuela knocked him down and is looking to finish fight. Gutierrez is doing his best to hang on and use his hand to intelligently defend. But the shots to the head are adding up. There are legit Tank Abbott chants going on towards the referee. Now he has the back and gets Gutierrez to tap with the choke.

Final Result: Victor Valenzuela via submission at 2:41 of 2nd round


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