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Report: Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo hospitalized with kidney stones following UFC 163 title defense

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Broken foot, separated shoulders and kidney stones, oh my!

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

It ain't easy being champion.

UFC Featherweight titleholder Jose Aldo has had a rough couple days. The talented 26-year old Brazilian broke his foot in his first kick thrown against challenger Chan Sung Jung in the main event of UFC 163 this past weekend (Aug. 3, 2013), but that's not the only thing that was bothering him.

According to a report from MMA Fighting's Guilherme Cruz, who spoke to UFC's Brazilian doctor Dr. Marcio Tannure, Aldo was also hospitalized with kidney stones when he went in to get his foot taken care of.

"I learned about this problem with Andre (Pederneiras, Aldo's coach). He had renal calculus (kidney stones) before. He needs to send me the results of the exams so I can check it. Andre told me it's not serious, and he probably already expelled the stones."

Talk about double trouble.

Thankfully, the Nova Uniao fighter has already been released from the hospital, although there are no plans for him to compete again until 2014.

Kidney stones are not typically a symptom of cutting weight, although it certainly doesn't help. Hefty weight cuts like Aldo's put a heavy strain on the kidneys. Kidney stones are normally caused by low fluid intake paired with high protein, sodium and refined sugar consumption.

Perhaps it's finally time for Aldo to face reality and make that move to 155 pounds.