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'Fight Master' Episode 7 results recap for Bellator MMA reality show on Spike TV

Check out for all the latest updates on tonight's seventh episode of 'Fight Master' on Spike TV.

Episode seven of Bellator's new mixed martial arts (MMA) reality show "Fight Master" hits the airwaves tonight (Weds., Aug. 7, 2013) on Spike TV, featuring four coaches in Randy Couture, Greg Jackson, Frank Shamrock and Joe Warren. will be here live tonight to cover the third official episode of the show now that everyone has fought their way into the 16-man tournament. Stay tuned tonight to see who advances through the Sweet 16.

If you're expecting a knockoff of UFC and Spike's original brain child, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), think again.

A group of 32 welterweights will be whittled down to 16 competitors, and that's when things get interesting. The twist is that each winning fighter will then have an opportunity to "choose their destiny" by interviewing and ultimately selecting one of the panel of four coaches to be their mentor for the upcoming season.

Each coach will have four fighters to specifically focus on through the course of the show, and from their history, you can expect some healthy competition. The coaches have also seeded all 16 fighters who advanced and the top seeds will get a chance to choose their destiny by having control of their next fight.

Fighters confirmed thus far: * = advanced, failed to advance

Team Jackson

Tim Welch
Eric Bradley *
Bryan Travers
Joe Riggs *

Team Warren

Eric Scallon
Evan Cutts *
Jason Norwood
Ismael Gonzalez

Team Shamrock

Nick Barnes *
Chris Lozano *
Mike Dubois
Joe Williams *

Team Couture

A.J. Matthews
Cole Williams *
Cristiano Souza
Mike Bronzoulis *


Round of 16 Fight #7: Cristiano Souza (Team Couture) vs Evan Cutts (Team Warren)

Cutts closes the distance and presses Souza into the fence but Souza pushes him off and they reset. Nice right hand from Souza and then another. Cutts covers up along the fence and he's in trouble. Souza swarms with punches and he's just unloading but Cutts is surviving. Many of Souza's punches are getting through but he can't finish and Cutts fires back. Big left hand from Souza and Cutts drops down along the fence as Souza enters his guard. Cutts threatens with a triangle but Souza blasts him with a right hand. Cutts rolls and retains guard, throwing up an armbar attempt but Souza avoids it and drops a few right hands. Cutts pops back to his feet and throws a few punches. He's actually the aggressor now and he shoots in for a takedown but Souza stuffs him and attempts a guillotine briefly. Cutts pursues the takedown and he gets it at the bell.

Right hand from Cutts and he lands a body kick. Cutts shoots in for a takedown but settles for a clinch where he repeatedly knees Souza in the body. Souza definitely has slowed down ever since the last minute of the first round. Cutts is outworking Souza in the clinch and he throws more knees. Souza tries to reverse him but Cutts is stronger right now. Souza pushes Cutts down, grabbing top position and landing in half guard. Cutts rolls and pops to his feet, eating a right hand from Souza. Kick attempt from Souza and Cutts presses forward, pushing Souza into the cage and throwing another knee. Souza takes Cutts down and drops a couple punches. Cutts throws his legs up and puts Souza in a triangle choke! He rolls Souza to the side and forces the tap! Huge upset!

Evan Cutts defeats Cristiano Souza via submission (triangle choke) in round two

I think Joe Warren was going to have an aneurysm he was so excited.

Round of 16 Fight #8: A.J. Matthews (Team Couture) vs. Eric Bradley (Team Jackson)

Both men circle each other early on. Bradley shoots in for a takedown and gets it, dropping a few right hands and some knees on Matthews as he works back to his feet. Brandley still has control of Matthews but he finally turns into him although his back is pressed against the fence. Brandley works for a takedown but Matthews threatens with a standing Kimura and forces a separation. Bradley shoots in for another takedown and he grabs a reverse body lock, throwing multiple knees to the back of Matthews' legs. Bradley controls Matthews in the clinch until the bell. He does the same thing in the second round, keeping Matthews on the defensive with his offensive wrestling attack despite not getting many takedowns and it stays that way until time expires.

Eric Bradley defeats A.J. Matthews via unanimous decision

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