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Manager: Jon Jones is '1000 percent' focused on Alexander Gustafsson, not super fights

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Super fights? You're talking about super fights?

Steve Snowden

While Anderson Silva may still be interested in super fights, particularly if he defeats Chris Weidman in their end-of-the year (Dec. 28, 2013) rematch, that's the last thing on current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones' mind.

'Bones' is currently preparing to take on Alexander Gustafsson in the upcoming (Sept. 21) UFC 165 main event. It's fun to speculate about fights against the top fighters in other divisions, even staring down the heavyweight champion at a press conference, but Jones' manager Malki Kawa tells MMA Weekly that he knows where his priorities lie with Gustafsson:

"Me and him always speculate and talk, we'll do this and we'll beat this guy up, we'll drop here and go up there, but the reality of it is, in any serious conversation, we take it fight by fight. Once the fight is over with, we'll look at where the landscape of MMA is at, his division, any other opportunities or goals that he has, and let's attack them immediately after the fight. But right now, it's 1,000 percent Alexander Gustafsson."

So what makes the Gustafsson fight so special?

In case you forgot, Jones is currently tied with Tito Ortiz for the most consecutive title defenses in the UFC light heavyweight division. A victory over "The Mauler" would mean Jones would be standing alone among the UFC's most dominant all-time champions.

"When somebody sets out to publicly make a goal, where they say, ‘I want to be the greatest of all time. I want to set the record in my division. I want to do this, that, and the other.' It just so happens that Alexander Gustafsson is the next guy in that series of goals that [Jones] has; it's a really big deal. It's a huge fight for him. It's the record-setting fight. It's the record that he wants to achieve and it's basically what he's going to do."

So set the record first, maybe take care of Glover Teixeira, then he can worry about "super fights."