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Fighting words! Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier trade barbs with each other over the weekend

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UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight standouts Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones were at it again this past week.

Steve Snowden

Want to put UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones in a bad mood? Just ask him about current UFC heavyweight Daniel Cormier.

'Bones' spoke with GracieMag this past week during the UFC 'World Tour' press conference series and had his harshest words yet for the former Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament winner.

"DC is a guy who really wants to be famous. I don't think he wants to work hard. I think he just wants to be famous. You can see it in his physique; you can see it in his cardio. He's trying to get his Twitter followers up. I hate answering questions about him. He's just not relevant to me. There's so many great fighters in the light-heavyweight division. He's not even top five in his division, I'm not sure if he is. He has like 28,000 Twitter followers. He has short reach, bad cardio, he looked terrible in his last fight. It's like, I'm not worried about him at all."

When asked about his rumored altercation with Cormier at the World MMA Awards, Jones had this to say:

"He had an altercation with me. I didn't even know how him and his friend was at the time. Obviously they're doing interviews about it. It was a bigger deal to him than it ever was to me and ever will be to me."

Now of course when word of Jones' comments made their way to Cormier, he wasn't very happy about it. "DC" was working the Fuel TV news desk this past weekend for the UFC 163 event and had this to say during the event's post-show while speaking with Jon Anik (via

"When I hear his quote, it's like a 16-year old girl. Jon Jones, grow up bud, we're going to fight regardless of how you feel. And when we do and I'm cutting the line and you might as well pull the guard because I'm taking you down."

Cormier is slated to take on Roy Nelson at UFC 166 this fall (Oct. 19, 2013) while Jones is defending his Light Heavyweight title against Alexander Gustafsson next month (Sept. 21) in the main event of UFC 165.

Is the bout between the two "inevitable?"