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UFC 165 Video: Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson speak with BBC

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and No. 1 contender Alexander Gustafsson made an appearance on BBC World News to promote their UFC 165 title fight.

On September 21, 2013, Jon Jones hopes to defend his Light Heavyweight title against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 in Toronto, Ontario, at Air Canada Centre. With a huge end of year schedule, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has embarked on a massive press tour across the entire world.

During a brief stop, Jones and Gustafsson appeared on BBC World News to promote their upcoming title fight. The two spoke about their backgrounds, with Jones saying that he fights for his children, while Gustafsson said his motivation is to be the best and the top of the mountain.

They played off each other pretty well, with Jones coming away as the warmer personality. Gustafsson is still a bit reserved, despite the host hoping to get him to play the role of "fight promoter."

The host also did a bit of flirting, asking the fighters to explain a rear naked choke. With the fighters breaking down the technique, she said "just having someone's arm around my neck, I quite fancy."

That cheeky minx.

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