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UFC 163 results, About Last Night: Zombies attack! And then fall apart ...

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UFC returned to HSBC Arena in Rio de Janiero for UFC 163, headlined by Jose Aldo and Chan Sung Jung. With the night in the books, take a look at some of the biggest stories from the card.

Esther Lin

Last night (Aug. 3, 2013), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) made its return to HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with UFC 163. Headlined by Jose Aldo defending his Featherweight title against Chan Sung Jung, the night saw some weird finishes and controversial decisions.

With a day to reflect and recover, let's take a look at the highest and lowest points of the evening.

Broken feet and separated shoulders

I don't think anyone expect that Featherweight championship bout to end in such an anti-climatic manner. Aldo and Jung are known as two of the most exciting fighters in the UFC today, yet their bout fell sort of flat. It turns out that Aldo broke his foot two minutes into the first round. "Korean Zombie" separated his shoulder in the fourth frame. This is just going to be a case of "what could have been?"

Stann is the man

I said this last night multiple times, but Brian Stann was definitely the best thing about UFC 163. Brian Hemminger touched upon a lot of very good points, but the biggest one is that he toned down Goldberg. With Joe Rogan in the booth, Goldie tends to get a little out of control and says a lot of ridiculous things. Last night, he was only sort of ridiculous.

There's no crying in MMA

Lyoto Machida's camp can do all the hemming and hawing it wants, his performance last night wasn't deserving of an immediate rematch. That's not to say that Phil Davis dominated, but Machida only did what he thought was enough not to lose. He didn't try and win the bout, and because of that, he can't cry foul and say "do over."

Brazilians expect the hometown decision

The Flyweight bout between Ian McCall and Iliarde Santos wasn't very close. McCall landed double the amount of strikes with a far greater sense of accuracy. It was only when he'd get into a slugfest with Santos that wasn't dominant. Yet when the judge's decision was read, it was Santos' corner that was aghast that their fighter didn't win. Hometown decisions shouldn't be a thing, and I'm happy that last night the right fighter won.

Awful haircuts, awesome knockout.

John Lineker and Jose Maria Tome looked like a couple of extras from a Sum 41 music video. But, those dudes brought it. Maria looked really good in his debut as he rocked Lineker several times in the first round, while Lineker looked for that one big punch. It came in the second when he dropped Maria and finished him with some brutal ground and pound. Lineker should be in line for a Flyweight title shot ... if he can figure out how to make weight.

Other thoughts!

  • Amanda Nunes is baaaaaaaaaaad.
  • If he keeps fighting, Vinny Magalhaes needs to do whatever it takes to tighten up his striking defense. His chin is extremely suspect and his Brazilian jiu-jitsu pedigree doesn't mean anything if he's knocked unconscious on the feet.
  • It's great to see Thales Leites successful in his return to the Octagon. His performance against Tom Watson was as good as we've ever seen him. I just hope that he's able to work out whatever issues are going on with his cardio -- he just doesn't seem like he has the tank to go the full 15 minutes.
  • Watson may be unsubmittable. Jury is still out.
  • The pacing of the card just killed it. There needs to be some plan for when fights end quick because at certain points, it just seemed like the UFC was trying to figure out ways to kill time. I get that not everyone tunes in for the "Prelims," but it seemed like we saw every fight at least three times.

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