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Dana White dragging Joe Rogan to Germany for 'f---ing unbelievable' miracle shot

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Back in April, UFC President Dana White made a pit stop in Germany to undergo a procedure to alleviate his battle with Menier'es Disease. Now, he's going back for more, and dragging one of his employees with him.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White has not been able to convince Freddie Roach to fly to Germany to treat his Parkinson's Disease, but it didn't take much arm-twisting to get UFC color commentator Joe Rogan drugged in Deutschland for a bum neck.

White has been praising the shots he received overseas (unavailable stateside) to cure his Meniere's Disease, which was stubborn enough to resist conventional treatment, namely, painful ear surgery that didn't even make a dent in his faulty flaps.

In fact, the "f---ing unbelievable" treatment was so good, he's going back for more, according to comments he made at the UFC 164 press conference media scrum (video):

"Every fuckin' person I've sent out there has come back. I'm goin' out there with Rogan. I'm going to Germany [before Manchester]. Rogan's neck is messed up. After Rogan does it, you'll be hearin' all about it. 'AND I FUCKIN' DID THIS!' He'll be explaining it to ya'. It's awesome, Freddie Roach should do it. I don't need to go back, but what the hell, why not do it again? After you take this shot, like the third day after you take it, I can't explain to ya' how you feel. It's unbelievable how you feel. It's fucking unbelievable."

He can thank New York Yankees Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez for that (find out why here).

"The procedure, performed by doctors at Orthogen Lab Services in Dusseldorf, involves extracting blood from a patient's arm and spinning it in a centrifuge and making a serum that is then injected," as explained by Daily Mail. "Then a naturally-occurring blood protein can act as a long-lasting anti-inflammatory and a painkiller that will delay cartilage damage."

Come for the Kleingebäck, stay for the blood proteins.