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Sport Science video: Kicking power of UFC 163's Jose Aldo featured on ESPN

The most dangerous weapons "Korean Zombie" might face tonight (Sat., Aug, 3, 2013) in UFC 163 main event are Jose Aldo's devastating kicks.


It's no secret that UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo can make it a long -- and painful -- night for any opponent thanks to his thundering, relentless leg kicks.

Look no further than the tenderizing of Urijah Faber's thigh under the World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) banner in 2010, which over time looked more like a tequila sunrise and less like human flesh.

On the eve of his main event appearance in the main event of UFC 163, which takes place at HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, later tonight (Sat., Aug. 3, 2013), Aldo was the focus of ESPNs "Sport Science." John Brenkus, host of the segment, had some eye-opening statistics that should more than likely concern his opponent this evening, "Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung.

Check out these stats on Aldo's kicks:

  • Kick reach is more than one foot
  • It takes .2 to .233 seconds to land them
  • Boasts an angular velocity of 1,080 degrees per second
  • The torque registers more than 2,6000 pounds of impact force, which is three times more than one of his punches (900 pounds)

Indeed, the ossified shins of Muay Thai killer are more than effective, placing his opponents off balance and opening them up to clean strikes.