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Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones weigh in on Anderson Silva's knockout loss to Chris Weidman at 'UFC World Tour'

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Champions react to Anderson Silva losing his Middleweight crown at the recent "UFC World Tour" press stop in New York City.

Photo by Esther Lin

The hype surrounding a "super" fight between Georges St. Pierre and/or Jon Jones against Anderson Silva has quieted down a considerable amount after Chris Weidman upset "The Spider" at UFC 162 last month (July 6, 2013).

Current Light Heavyweight champion, Jones, tweeted "This sucks" right after Silva was finished by Weidman. And it's not a stretch to imagine that's because he was disappointed it wouldn't be him who would lay claim to defeating the legendary Middleweight champion.

Jones shed light on his reaction at the "UFC World Tour" press conference (full recap / video here) that took place in New York City earlier this week:

"It wasn't necessarily a goal of mine to dethrone Anderson, but the thought of a super fight was becoming more real and just him losing, I thought it altered that a little bit. Just seeing a great champion go down it's just like ... he's a guy I looked up to for years ... so to see him lose, as a fan, that kind of sucks."

Reigning welterweight champion, St. Pierre, told how he felt about the Silva loss, too:

"As much as I am happy for Chris because he is a training partner and a friend of mine, I am sad for Anderson. It's always sad-like Jon said to see a champion fall like that. It makes you remember that nobody is invincible and this thing can happen to anyone. Nobody is protected from that, so it gives me the motivation for...It makes me remember that I am only one mistake from losing everything, so it keeps me sharp."

St. Pierre will face a dangerous opponent in Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in November, while Jones will defend his 205-pound strap for a record of six-straight times against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 in September.

If Silva were to reclaim the 185-pound crown at years-end in the rematch against "All American" at UFC 168 in December, and assuming the other champions win, then perhaps the super fight talks will heat up again at the start of 2014.

Regardless, It will be exciting, as well as interesting, to see how all three storylines unfold as the "UFC World Tour" continues on to other cities to promote what could very well be one of the most historical title-fight stretches in the promotion's history.