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Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann 2 fight results UFC Fight Night 27, Round 2

The first time Carlos Condit met Martin Kampmann inside the Octagon, he was fresh off a killer run in WEC and looking to make a name for himself on a much bigger stage. He lost a close fight, and never forgot about it. Now, over three years later, he got the chance to avenge that defeat in a rematch at tonight's (Wed., Aug. 28, 2013) UFC Fight Night 27 event in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The second round opened with Condit wary of the next shot and Kampmann content to stay on the outside. There was good reason for that, as "The Natural Born Killer" started pummeling Kampmann with hard punches just as soon as he managed to get inside.

This led to yet another takedown attempt from Kampmann but he didn't have his legs under him nearly enough to complete it.

From there, Kampmann was lured into exchanging punches, something he most certainly didn't want to do. He was losing that battle handily, so he once again looked for the right opening and ducked under for another takedown.

Once again, Condit defended.

The round ended with Condit having established wrested control away after spending most of the first on his back.

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