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Congratulations Chris Weidman, but Michael Bisping could have just as easily knocked out Anderson Silva

Why is everyone making such a big fuss over Chris Weidman's UFC 162 knockout over Anderson Silva? It's not like longtime middleweight contender Michael Bisping couldn't have "easily" done the exact same thing, a point he may get to prove after UFC 168.

Jon Kopaloff

Were you one of the many mixed martial arts (MMA) fans impressed by Chris Weidman's knockout of Anderson Silva back at UFC 162 over Fourth of July Weekend in Las Vegas?

Pfffft. Michael Bisping could have easily done that.

So says "The Count," who reflected on the "All American" upset earlier this year, while lamenting his inability to beat Weidman to the punch, literally, in the upset of perhaps the greatest middleweight fighter to ever step foot inside the Octagon.

From MMA Weekly (via Fight Line):

"Obviously it would always be a dream of mine to fight Anderson Silva and be the guy to take the title, of course. Yeah I was a little disappointed and I'm not taking anything away from his win, but we all know Anderson Silva was acting like an idiot and he got knocked out. It would have been nice to be the guy that did it, so congratulations to Chris, he's the new champion and certainly a formidable force at middleweight, but yeah, it stinks a little. I could have done that. I could have easily done that."

He may still get his chance.

Bisping is set to collide with Mark Munoz in a five-round main event at UFC Fight Night 30, scheduled for Oct. 26, 2013 at the Phones 4u Arena in Manchester, England. Assuming "Pillow Fists" can deliver on his promise to make "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" piss his own pants, he may find himself paired off against Silva.

But only if "The Spider" comes up short in his UFC 168 rematch on Dec. 28 in "Sin City."

Until then, all we can do is speculate as to what would have happened if Bisping was able to defeat Vitor Belfort in Brazil (instead of getting creamed) and faced off against Silva in Weidman's place.

How does that story end?

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