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UFC video: Brittney Palmer 'sexy' lingerie photos shoot

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Want to see a scantily-clad Brittney Palmer looking sexy? Of course you do!

Why is UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer prancing around in lingerie?

It doesn't matter!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show, as the part-time artist struts her stuff for the camera. Unfortunately, the accompanying music leaves a lot to be desired, which sounds like something you might hear in the waiting room of a new-age yoga studio.

Mute button, FTW.

True, it's not the ass-terpiece she unveiled in New Jersey (see that here), nor does she have Arianny Celeste's face pressed against her posterior (video evidence), but no Brittney Palmer video is a bad video. And consider it pre-gaming until her duties this week at UFC Fight Night 27 and then again at UFC 164.

Yes, even if you're a fat guy (who happens to be funny).

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