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Vinny Magalhaes not retiring from MMA, fighting Jeff Monson at Heavyweight

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Vinny Magalhaes has decided not to retire, after previously stating he would if cut by the UFC following his UFC 163 loss to Anthony Perosh. Instead, he faces Jeff Monson at heavyweight in November.

Just hanging out
Just hanging out
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Hey, remember before his bout with Anthony Perosh at UFC 163, Vinny Magalhaes was so confident that he'd walk away victorious that he said he'd retire? And remember how he lost in the first round by a stunning knockout? And left his gloves in the octagon, a sign that a fighter is retiring?

Well, he was just kidding about the whole thing.

Vinny Magalhaes may have been cut from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), but he still plans on competing in MMA. In fact, he already has a bout lined up for this upcoming November against Jeff Monson at heavyweight as a part of the Global Warrior Challenge 2: US vs the World event in Hawaii.

As he told MMA Fighting, he wasn't actually serious about the whole "retirement" thing.

"I never really thought of retiring," he said. "I made those comments within 24 hours after I had lost a fight, so I was still a little frustrated, and I was being too emotional with my responses. That's why I haven't said a thing since. I needed to clear my mind before starting to speak about my next moves."

All jokes aside, I'm happy that Vinny is continuing his MMA career. While he may not have been able to find much success in the UFC, he was an absolute force on the regional level where he was able to rely on his incredible grappling credentials if he was ever outmatched on the feet.

The matchup with Monson should be fun as they are both top-notch grapplers. From a fan perspective, I'm just a little disappointed that Monson is 42, it would have been great to watch these two go out it in their respective primes.