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Ian McCall discusses Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165

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Ian McCall breaks down the upcoming UFC 165 bout between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.

Ian McCall is considered one of the top flyweight fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Coming off an impressive win at UFC 163 over Iliarde Santos, he's finally getting his MMA career back on track after a pretty tumultuous year.

McCall recently sat down with Rick J Lee to talk about the upcoming UFC 165 bout between Alexander Gustafsson and Jon Jones.

Gustafsson is good. I think he's super good. Jon Jones is maybe better? I don't know. That's another fight that's a toss up because I think Gustafsson is going to go out there and check him right away. You know Gustafsson is going to be in shape, he's training at Alliance. You know he's going to have a lot of wrestling practice. A lot of boxing and MMA. Good footwork, so he'll take it to Jon. But Jon can outwrestle all the best wrestlers, no matter who they have over there. Jon's just a freak.

I'd like to see Gustafsson win, I guess because I'm better friends with Alliance than I am with Jackson's guys? It just comes down to favoritism I guess? But I think that it will be a good fight and Gustafsson will bring it to him. He's always suprised me with the people he's beaten and how he's beaten them. Who's the last person he beat? Shogun? Yeah, he beat the shit outta Shogun. I mean, that was impressive. Was it as bad of a beating as Jones gave to him? Maybe not, but that doesn't matter. But he still beat the crap out of him and that says a lot.

I think McCall has a pretty good sense of the way the fight goes down. Gustafsson is incredibly talented and if there was a fighter in the light heavyweight division to beat Jon Jones, it would be the Swede. But Jones is just one of those freaks that comes around very rarely in the sport.

Favoritism aside, this is going to be the biggest test of Jones' career. He finally has an opponent who is just as big and strong, so it will come down to who has the better technique.