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'Fight Master' Episode 9 results recap for Bellator MMA reality show on Spike TV

Check out for all the latest updates on tonight's ninth episode of 'Fight Master' on Spike TV.

Episode nine of Bellator's new mixed martial arts (MMA) reality show "Fight Master" hits the airwaves tonight (Thurs., Aug. 22, 2013) on Spike TV, featuring four coaches in Randy Couture, Greg Jackson, Frank Shamrock and Joe Warren. will be here live tonight at 11 p.m. ET to cover the sixth official episode of the show now that everyone has fought their way into the 16-man tournament. Stay tuned tonight to see who advances through the Elite Eight.

Fight Master was moved from Wednesday to Thursday nights following TNA Impact Wrestling to hopefully have a better lead-in.

If you're expecting a knockoff of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Spike's original brain child, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), think again.

A group of 32 welterweights were whittled down to 16 competitors, but that's when things get interesting. The twist is that each winning fighter had the opportunity to "choose their destiny" by interviewing and ultimately selecting one of the panel of four coaches to be their mentor for the upcoming season.

Each coach will have four fighters to specifically focus on through the course of the show, and from their history, you can expect some healthy competition. The coaches have also seeded all 16 fighters who advanced and the top seeds will get a chance to choose their destiny by having control of their next fight.

Fighter results thus far: * = advanced, failed to advance

Team Jackson

Tim Welch
Eric Bradley **
Bryan Travers
Joe Riggs **

Team Warren

Eric Scallon
Evan Cutts *
Jason Norwood
Ismael Gonzalez

Team Shamrock

Nick Barnes *
Chris Lozano *
Mike Dubois
Joe Williams *

Team Couture

A.J. Matthews
Cole Williams **
Cristiano Souza
Mike Bronzoulis **


Here's how the seeding breaks down:

1. Joe Riggs
2. Cole Williams
3. Nick Barnes
4. Evan Cutts
5. Chris Lozano
6. Eric Bradley
7. Joe Williams
8. Mike Bronzoulis

Quarterfinal Round Fight #3: Eric Bradley (Team Jackson) vs Joe Williams (Team Shamrock)

Williams grabs control of the cage center and walks forward landing a right hand. Bradley fires back with a combination and both wrestlers are testing out their stand-up early. Good clubbing shots connect for Bradley and Williams is bleeding near his left eye. Williams throws a good right hand and both men fire off some power shots. Bradley is finding success with his straight left hand in southpaw stance. Nice punch lands for Bradley and Williams shoots in for a takedown but Bradley stuffs it and lands a few punches. Another takedown attempt from Williams is stuffed. Big head kick lands heavy for Bradley and Williams is rocked. Bradley shoots in and takes Williams down, passing to half guard on the ground. Bradley stays on top the final minute of the round.

Good right hand from Bradley to start round two. Both men are a bit tentative on the feet and Bradley shoots in for a takedown but gets stuffed. Bradley shoots in again and he's got a good grip on Williams' lead leg but he gives up on it. Bradley connects with a left hand and then another. Nice combination from Bradley and he pops Williams with several left hands. Takedown attempt from Bradley but he gives up on it immediately. Head kick from Bradley is blocked. Bradley shoots for a takedown but Williams fends him off with a guillotine. Williams shoots in for a takedown and Bradley drops to his back with a guillotine choke but can't finish it.

Eric Bradley defeats Joe Williams via majority decision

Quarterfinal Round Fight #4: Evan Cutts (Team Warren) vs Joe Riggs (Team Jackson)

They really play up Riggs' tough weight cut and the grueling mental toll it takes to have to do it multiple times in a few short weeks.

Cutts shoots in quickly and initiates a clinch looking for a takedown. He presses Riggs into the fence but Riggs scores a takedown and lands in side control. Cutts is active off his back throwing his legs up looking for a submission. Riggs postures up and drops a punch but he's primarily just looking to stay on top rather than do damage. Cutts works back to his feet but Riggs hip tosses him back to the ground. Riggs drops a couple punches but Cutts pops back up and goes back to pressing Riggs into the fence. Riggs throws a knee and they're back to standing in the cage center. Riggs scores with a couple hooks and a knee but they go back to the clinch and Cutts has inside position. Riggs scores a trip and again takes top position, dropping some punches. Double hammer fist from Riggs and he's on top until the bell.

Riggs scores a quick takedown but Cutts pops back to his feet. They clinch for a bit but again, despite having his back stuck to the fence, Riggs scores another takedown. Riggs postures up inside Cutts' guard and drops a few nice punches. Good left hands from Riggs and Cutts scrambles to his feet again with two minutes left and he needs a miracle. Big punches from Riggs and a knee and Cutts drops to his butt. Riggs jumps on top of him and drops more ground and pound. Riggs finishes strong with punches and a kick to the body but Cutts manages to survive to the bell.

Joe Riggs defeats Evan Cutts via unanimous decision

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