If I Could Assign Fighters Their Entrance Songs...

1. Wanderlei Silva - The Brazilian striker has ridden a mile long highlight reel of KO's to cement his legacy as an icon in the sport of MMA. One has to look no further than his his two wins against Rampage, his murder-rape of Sakuraba, destruction of Keith Jardine, or his more recent near murder of Brian Stann. Known for his aggressive style, heavy hands, and refusal to step backwards (or protect his chin), his demeanor inside the cage is best personified musically by the title track to Motorhead's 1979 breakthrough album, "Overkill." And for almost the same reasons.

Motörhead - Overkill 1979 (via fritz51302)

2. Joe Lauzon - Another aggressive fighter, Lauzon's approach to fighting is more methodical than Wandy's. Lauzon specializes in blitzing his opponent with a charging stand-up attack, double-leg against the fence, then locking in something BJJ-related that hurts. While his babyface appearance may be misleading, his ferocity in the cage makes him a tall glass of water for any LW brave enough to share 15 minutes with him. What could be more fitting than the pop-tinged punk rock anthem that made the Ramones famous?

The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop (Live) (via CRFromHell)

3. BJ Penn - What is there left to say about BJ Penn? Phenomenal BJJ, bone-crushing boxing, unbelievable wrestling, animalistic killer instinct, questionable cardio, questionable motivation. BJ accomplished what only one other man did in winning UFC titles in two different weight classes. He plastered Sean Sherk, Diego Sanchez, and Matt Hughes; strangled Takanori Gomi, Kenny Florian, Joe Stevenson, and Jens Pulver (and Matt Hughes, again). He gave GSP all he could handle in their first meeting, and wandered up to Heavyweight on one occasion to take on Lyoto Machida in a bout where he was outweighed by over 30 pounds (that's a big deal for 155'er)! BJ's heart and courage were never challenged, but it became clear that he was his own worst enemy in terms of keeping his head in the game. They say there is a devil inside of every man...

Black Sabbath NIB (via 6Rev6an6)

4. Roy Nelson - He's really big, the other part of his nickname is "country." Fuck it, he reminds me of Billy Gibbons even though the only thing big about the latter are his beard and the twang in his Gibson.

ZZ Top - I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide - Germany 1980 (via GCRDBlues53)

5. Chan Sung Jung - OK, I know I could have chosen a better song for KZ. I also could have chosen a better track from the clash. But in light of KZ's most recent outing - a 4th round TKO to one of the most dominant champions in recent MMA history wherein he broke his orbital bone and foot, and continued fighting; then dislocated his shoulder and attempted to pop it back in himself before getting cornered against the cage and pummeled into defeat - it shines a bright light on what the Zombie is made of. He either wins in spectacular fashion (see Proier, Dustin or Garcia, Lenny), or fights tooth and nail until he has nothing left to give. You gotta respect a man who is not afraid to go out on his shield .

The Clash - Death Or Glory (via rp61wasinnocentok)

6. The Diaz Brothers - This one says it all.

Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf (via RetroCoastMusic)

7. Chael Sonnen - There are so many facets of Chael to explore... In light of the fact that he has recently lost twice to Anderson Silva, just got done submitting Shogun, challenged Wandy, and in the process was called out by Vitor and Machida, it's safe to say that he will spend his next couple trips to the Octagon doing this...

Motorhead - Going To Brazil (via HightowerRaze08)

8. Lyoto Machida/Kalib Starnes - 'Nuff said...

The Business-Do a Runner (via tutz phillip)

9. Vitor Belfort - He injures himself left and right, he pouts to get fights he wants, he throws a fit to rematch Anderson Silva, he has testosterone leaking out of his ears, rumor has it he once presented Dana with a note from his mother excusing himself from his scheduled fight that night because he felt ill. He bears many traits similar to a teenage boy Now, with all that said, Vitor is a beast, but at times it sounds like he just doesn't want to grow up...

The Ramones - I Don't Wanna Grow Up [HD] (via LiebermannRamone3)

10. Chris Leben - Either you knock me out, or I knock you out. That is the law when Leben takes center stage. When he wins, he wins big - tapping Akiyama and knocking out A-Train 2 weeks apart, destroying Wanderlei, his miraculous comeback against Terry Martin, the list goes on. But just as the highs are high, the lows are low for The Crippler. His losses against Mark Munoz, Andrew Craig, and Derek Brunson were huge disappointments. Leben's career as a whole has been a tidal waves of poor losses, extraordinary wins, drug abuse, and DUI's. Reminds me of another Motorhead song..

Motörhead - I Know How To Die (via MotorheadVEVO)


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