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Video: New EA Sports UFC gameplay footage from Gamescom featuring 'Jones vs. Gustafsson'

Skip to 05:30 if you're not interested in the specs and just want to see the game in action.

Electronic Arts (EA) Sports is busy putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) video game -- the first edition since the duo announced their partnership last year -- which is set to debut in spring of 2014.

And if you didn't get the chance to catch some of the pre-alpha gameplay featuring UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and UFC 165 challenger Alexander Gustafsson, which was shown during yesterday's (Aug. 20, 2013) EA Gamescom 2013, don't worry we have the sneak peak for you right here.


Looking to outdo THQ's "Undisputed" series, EA Sports will feature an IGNITE engine, which will allow for more realistic movements from all your favorite fighters. And judging by this early trailer, the new feature will definitely enhance every gamer's experience.

This isn't EA's first venture into the MMA world. The video game giant first dipped its toe into the combat sports water with Strikeforce in 2010 as they introduced "MMA." But that was a one-and-done deal as sales didn't exactly go through the roof.

The UFC/EA partnership, however, promises to last longer than one installment and by the looks of it, they are off to a mighty fine start.

The attention to detail is outstanding as evidenced by "The Mauler's" facial expressions and veins popping out as he tries to finish "Bones" with a guillotine. As for the fighter's likeness, forget about it, it's top notch, as EA clearly aimed to perfect this area of the game as the body and facial features are uncanny.

It truly is "As Real As It Gets."

And that's just the early footage. Can you imagine what the finished product will look like? You'll have to wait a bit longer to see it as "EA Sports UFC" will be available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS 4) consoles in just over nine months.

Will you be dishing out your hard-earned coin for it?

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