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UFC Quick Quote: Lyoto Machida says Phil Davis ran from him at UFC 163

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Try this one on for size: Lyoto Machida accuses Phil Davis of running from him and refusing to engage in a fight inside the Octagon at UFC 163. Yes, really.

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

"Yes, I promise my next fight I will put in my best performance. Hey, but the last fight I tried all the time. I was looking for Davis inside the Octagon, but he run away all the time. He tried to take me down at the end of the round. I was looking for the fight but he was wrestling. I don't know what happened. He no hit me, he landed but he no hit me anytime. But, next time, I will look for the fight all the time. I just want a next chance."

File this one under "ironic." Lyoto Machida, the man many consider to be the most elusive fighter in the history of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) -- maybe even all of mixed martial arts (MMA) -- says he got a taste of his own medicine at UFC 163. The Brazilian (via MMA Hour) claims he had to chase Phil Davis inside the Octagon in order to get him to engage and that's the reason "The Dragon" feels he came up short against "Mr. Wonderful" on the judges scorecards. That's the polar opposite of what Michael Bisping saw, who says he didn't witness enough aggression from Machida in order to get the win and recommended that Lyoto revamp his fighting style. It looks as if the former champ may take "The Count's" advice, declaring he will be even more aggressive in his next fight and beyond. Now, if he can just get that "big" fight he so desires.