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UFC Quick Quote: Dana White says Nick Diaz vs Lyoto Machida was a 'bad idea'

After the UFC Fight Night 26 post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White told media that Nick Diaz vs Lyoto Machida was a "bad idea."


"Diaz didn't turn it down. There's other things going on with Diaz. There's other things going on with Diaz. That was a bad idea, the Diaz-Machida thing was. I'll throw Joe Silva under the bus again. That was Joe Silva's idea. It was a bad idea."

-- Following UFC Fight Night 26 at TD Bank Garden in Boston, Mass., Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White spoke with media in an unofficial press scrum. Midway through the discussion, the topic of the rumored middleweight bout between Nick Diaz and Lyoto Machida came up. Earlier this week, White mentioned that Diaz had considered a possible move up to middleweight while Lyoto Machida was thinking about cutting down to 185 pounds following his loss to Phil Davis. The match just made sense to the UFC boss. Last night (Aug. 17, 2013), White changed his tune about this fight. White wouldn't get into the issues that Diaz is currently dealing with, but for him to flipflop in a matter of days means that it's probably pretty serious.

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