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UFC Fight Night 26 Results: Conor McGregor may be the truth with performance against Max Holloway

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Conor McGregor took home the victory when he beat Max Holloway by unanimous decision at UFC on Fox Sports 1.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight (August 17, 2013), Conor McGregor faced Max Holloway on the preliminary card of UFC Fight Night 26 on Fox Sports 1 (FS 1) at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. It was McGregor's first fight that to the judges, where he walked away with a unanimous decision victory.

Prior to the fight, I had questioned the UFC's decision to put so much promotional focus on fighter with just one fight inside the Octagon. It was based on the fact that Zuffa has never given such attention to anyone except the main event level fighters.

McGregor had a solo media work out, the UFC ran a contest to design a poster, and they even invited him to take part in the pre-fight press conference, a role usually reserved for main card fighters.

Tonight, McGregor showed that he's not just the flashy kicks that made him beloved by fans of the European mixed martial arts (MMA) scene. Entering the octagon, he never had a fight leave the second right. He's found a way to finish every opponent he's ever face in spectacular fashion.

For three rounds, McGregor was able to utilize angles to keep Holloway off his game and worked takedowns to get the fight to the ground.

I'm not sure if he answered every question, but he definitely showed that he's more than just the flashy kicks. He's deserving of some accolades and probably does have a future at the top of the division. Tonight was another step in the right direction for Conor McGregor, he just has to get used to people doubting him until he holds gold.