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RFA 9 results, LIVE online fight coverage stream for 'Munhoz vs Curran' on Aug. 16 in California

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Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) is back on AXS Television TONIGHT (Fri., Aug. 16, 2013) with RFA 9: "Munhoz vs. Curran" from the Stubhub Center in Carson, California. Get your results, live updates and real-time coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!

Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) returns to television this evening (August 16, 2013) with RFA 9: Munhoz vs Curran live at the Stubhub Center in Carson California. The card goes live on AXS Television at 10 pm ET/7 pm PT. The main card is headlined with a championship bout for the RFA bantamweight title between Pedro Munhoz and Jeff Curran.

Also on the card is one of the best heavyweight college wrestlers, Steve Mocco, fighting Lew Polley, who recently missed weight for his bout at World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 4 by a insane 32 pounds. Luckily for Polley, the bout against Mocco is contested at heavyweight so there was very little chance of him missing weight.

Main Card:

Pedro Munhoz (8-0) vs. Jeff Curran (36-15-1)

Round 1: Curran throws to the body to open the fight. Munhoz with elbows and a knee to the body. The mat is causing the fighters to slip all over the place. Nice step in elbow from Curran. Quick combination from Curran as Munhoz steps in. Elbow and punches to the body from Munhoz. Really impressed with Curran's hand speed. Chopping leg kick from Munhoz and Curran responds by stepping in with a right hand. They trade kicks and Curran follows up with fast hands. Jumping knee from Munhoz. Fight hits the mat and Munhoz is looking for a leg lock. He stands and Curran is throwing up kicks. The action has slowed but it's a close round. I got it 10-9 Pedro Munhoz

Round 2: Munhoz stalking forward as he lands elbows and a step in knee. Curran is able to get some space and finds his range with punches. He tags Munhoz and takes the young fighter off his game. Munhoz hits a double and Curran looks for a guillotine choke. That looks tight but Munhoz is able to escape. Curran looks for a triangle and Munhoz defends well. Curran is crafty off his back but he's getting elbowed in the face. Man, it's like they're fighting on ice. Referee stand up and Curran lands some nice punches and a knee. Curran doing his Nick Diaz impression to try and egg Munhoz on. Curran legitimately just slid sideways to end the round. 10-9 Pedro Munhoz.

Round 3: Curran looking for side kicks and Munhoz lands a clean hook to the chin. Curran with two jabs down the pipe. Huge slam from Munhoz. That was quick. No damage on the ground and Curran gets back to his feet. Step in knee from Curran to the body. Munhoz with an outside leg kick. He lifts Curran has to slowly bring the fight to the ground to avoid a submission. Weird stand up from Big John. Curran shoots and slides on his tummy. This honestly is insane how they don't have any leverage on the mat. Curran looking to sweep as the horn sounds. 10-9 Munhoz

Round 4: Munhoz with another takedown and he's just working from the top trying to keep Curran flat. Curran is working but he's not doing much off his back. Okay this canvas is crazy. Curran just spun around on his back and almost caught Munhoz in a triangle. Little bit of a scramble but Munhoz keeps Curran on his back. Big John stands them up again. Superman punch by Curran and then two knees to the head. Seriously, someone's gonna blow out their knee. Munhoz with three punches and a high kick. Curran responds with punches of his own. It's like they're turkish oil wrestling. This is so weird to watch. Knee to the head from Munoz. End of the round. 10-9 Munhoz

Round 5: Curran looks for a takedown but he just slides to his back. Just sliding around. This is awful to watch. And the saddest part is that these guys are talented and could have a really fun fight. They're back to their feet and Munhoz lands punches and a knee. Curran throwing kicks. Munhoz lands a few knees to the head and follows with an elbow. Curran decides to pull guard. Curran tries to throw a spinning back fist and just falls on his ass. Munhoz lighting it up with punches and knees. Curran shoots and again slides on his belly. Curran's eye is a mess and he's bleeding all over the place. Curran lands an elbow off his back and Munhoz is bleeding. This is just going to be a fight that coulda been great but was ruined because of the canvas. 10-9 Pedro Munhoz

Official Result: Pedro Munhoz defeats Jeff Curran by Split Decision. The scores were 48-47 Curran, 49-46 Munhoz, 50-45 Munhoz.

Kevin Casey (5-3) vs. Casey Ryan (5-0)

Round 1: Kevin Casey hits a takedown and Ryan is fighting off his back against the fence. Kevin Casey takes Casey Ryan's back and then settles into half guard. This isn't really exciting as Kevin Casey isn't doing much with his advantageous position. Ryan tries to escape and Kevin Casey takes mount but isn't doing anything with it. This really is a boring fight. Yawn. 10-9 Kevin Casey

Round 2: Kevin Casey looks for the clinch but Ryan escapes. Kevin Casey just landing whatever punches he wants. Casey Ryan is supposed to be a monster in the gym but he looks like crap tonight. I don't know what's going on with Casey Ryan but this isn't the guy I know. 10-9 Kevin Casey

Round 3: Kevin Casey gets the fight to the ground and he's working from guard again. Referee Mike Bell (DING!) stands them up and Casey hits another outside to bring the fight back to the mat. Seriously, no idea what the hell is wrong is Casey Ryan. I guess some guys are better in the gym than they are in a real fight. Oh and as I say that Ryan throws up an armbar and nearly gets the tap. Too little. Too late. 10-9 Kevin Casey

Official Result: Kevin Casey defeats Casey Ryan by Unanimous Decision. All three judges scored the fight 30-27.

Jordan Rinaldi (6-1) vs. Brian Ortega (6-0)

Round 1: Rinaldi landing right away. Ortega responds with a leg kick. Ortega really looking for the leg kick and follow up combo. Really good pace so far midway through the round. Rinaldi throws high and slips. Ortega responds with his own high kick. Nice inside combo from Ortega. Rinaldi is taken down and Ortega has his back but Rinaldi is able to get up to his feet. Flying knee from Ortega and Rinaldi takes it on the chin. Awesome action and the round ends with Rinaldi on top. 10--9 Brian Ortega

Round 2: Rinaldi lands a bodyshot to open the second round. Ortega lands a left jab that drops Rinaldi. Rinaldi hits a quick shot and the fight is on the ground. They work on the ground for the round with Rinaldi landing strikes from the top until the horn while Ortega was throwing elbows from the bottom. 10-9 Brian Ortega

Round 3: Rinaldi with an uppercut to open the round but he slips on the RFA logo in the center of the cage. He hits a takedown and Ortega is looking for a triangle off his back. Ortega is landing elbows off his back and Rinaldi is bleeding all over the place. Ortega locks in the triangle and he's tightening it up. Rinaldi tries to survive but he's forced to tap. Awesome submission.

Official Result: Brian Ortega defeats Jordan Rinaldi by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 2:29 in the third round.

Steve Mocco (2-0) vs. Lew Polley (12-4)

Round 1: Lew Polley doing well to land punches early. Mocco is just stalking him and then gets the takedown. That was crazy. Fasted HW takedown ever. He's just bodying Polley. Mocco is just making Polley carry his weight. He's not doing a lot of damage but this is man strength. Knees to the hamstrings. Polley decides to stand and gets belly to back suplexed. This is just a wrestling clinic. Mocco is throwing small punches but damn is he just breaking Polley's will. That's a 10-9 round for Steve Mocco.

Round 2: Polley looking to to try and open up but Mocco grabs his back and hits another suplex. This is a clinic. If you've ever wanted to see what it would look like if a bear was fighting in MMA, this is the fight. Mocco is seriously just riding Polley and Lew is just wondering what he did to deserve this. Fun fact: 31-0 is the record of the 2008 Olympic team in MMA. Another 10-9 round for Mocco.

Round 3: Lew Polley throws a left-right combo and Mocco circles away. Mocco has his back but Polley defends with a keylock. Slow third and Lew Polley is having an impossible time attempting to land on Mocco. He lands an overhand right but Mocco hits a single leg. He works from the top for the remainder of the fight. That wasn't a pretty bout but Mocco did his thing. 10-9 Steve Mocco

Official Result: Steve Mocco defeats Lew Polley by Unanimous Decision. The scores were 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

Chris Spang (5-2) vs. Alan Jouban (6-1)

Round 1: Spang fires off a high kick to open the fight. Jouban grabs a leg and gets the fight to the ground but Spang is right back up to his feet. Jouban lands a high kick and Spang with a right hand down the pipe. Jouban comes forward with punches and kicks and Spang's back is against the fence. Nice combo from Spang. Spang lands a left hook and Jouban looks exhausted. He's been throwing a lot. Spang walking him down and he's just teeing off with punches. Jouban drops for a single and Spang is just standing over him and landing punches. Spang looks for a choke but Jouban defends and regains his feet. Jouban jumps up on Spang's back but ends up n the mat with Spang in his guard. Jouban has a huge cut over the eye. 10-9 Chris Spang

Round 2: Jouban rushes forward and looks to attack quickly. Jouban is really pressing the action against the fence. He lands some awesome elbows and Spang looks tentative. A few kicks but Spang really isn't doing much. Jouban keeps landing leg kicks and then follows up with a great combination against the cage. This is a testament to Spang's toughness because he's really getting tagged. Another gorgeous combination from Jouban. His conditioning is awful, but he's waaaay ahead this round. Spang has done nothing all round except cover up. Jouban wins the round easily due to his output. 10-9 Alan Jouban

Round 3: They touch gloves and Spang is stalking. He goes high with a kick and keeps pawing off his jab. He finally opens up with punches but Jouban gets the clinch and starts landing knees and elbows. Awesome leg kicks on the break for Jouban. Oh man is Jouban just doing his thing with these awesome elbows. Spang's face has to be so sore. Spang's just covering up and John McCarthy steps in to stop the fight. Great fight for Alan Jouban.

Official Result: Alan Jouban defeats Chris Spang by TKO (referee stoppage) at 1:23 in the third round.

Matt Manzanares (6-1) vs. Steve Swanson (10-1) - Manzanares def. Swanson via submission (armbar) at 3:37 of round two

Main Card Airs Live on AXS TV at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT

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