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Chael Sonnen is the biggest draw in UFC and was the highest paid -- until Georges St. Pierre came back

Who knows, without Chael Sonnen, there's a chance UFC would still be held in high school gymnasiums and American Legions.

Money talks ... when Georges St. Pierre walks.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight attraction, Chael Sonnen, is making an appearance this weekend as one half of the UFC Fight Night 26 main event, which takes place on Aug. 17, 2013 from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

And fans will turn out in droves.

That's because "The American Gangster" is the biggest draw in mixed martial arts (MMA) and was also the highest paid, too, until a pesky French-Canadian came off the injured reserves and got back into the Octagon. Well, that's Chael's side of the story, anyway, via Daily Mail:

"I'm the biggest draw in the business. It's a revolving door; I was the highest-paid fighter in the business and that's a compliment. Then Georges [St. Pierre] came back and now I'm not, but I hang on to those things. They're small titles but they're titles all the same. I haven't reached my goals, any of them. I'm chasing the same thing I always was. This isn't a top contender fight but we're both ranked in the top 10. He's a former world champion, I've never been a UFC champion before. It's a big deal to me, I can tell you that much. I still feel I can win the championship. I can't think of a fighter who doesn't think they can win the championship."

That explains why this card is so "sick."

Waiting to greet him in "Beantown" is former PRIDE smasher Mauricio Rua, who may not have the fortune or accolades of his opponent, but does have one thing on his resume the former middleweight number one contender doesn't, and that's a UFC championship.

I guess money isn't everything, after all.

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