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UFC Quick Quote: Alistair Overeem's experience won't be 'X-factor' against Travis Browne at UFC Fight Night 26

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Experience? Pffft ... Travis Browne claims cage time won’t be a factor when he takes on Alistair Overeem this weekend (Aug. 17, 2013) at UFC Fight Night 26 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

"On paper it makes sense, but I've been fighting guys that have three times as much experience as I do my entire career. I've had to come up the hard way and that's something I've dealt with since day one. We'll see on Saturday, but unless he throws something at me I've never seen before, I'm not sure experience will be the X-Factor for this fight."

-- Even though his UFC Fight Night 26 opponent Alistair Overeem has been competing in mixed martial arts (MMA) 10 years longer, as well as holds 33 more fights under his belt, Travis Browne declared during a recent conference call that he doesn't believe any of that will play a major factor in their heavyweight showdown this weekend (Aug. 17, 2013) in Boston, Massachusetts. Competing all over the world against the best the sport has to offer -- including countless kickboxing matches since the age of 18 -- "The Reem" usually heads into his fights the more polished and traveled fighter. While Browne may only have 16 professional MMA fights to his credit, he's only lost one of them, a first round knockout defeat at the hands of Antonio Silva in 2012, the same man who ended Overeem's 11-fight win streak at UFC 156. And unless Overeem plans to launch some never-before seen tricks "Hapa's" way, don't expect the Hawaiian to be rattled by the fact that "The Reem" has a fighting resume that rivals that of any other MMA veteran in the sport today.