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Tyrone Spong vs Angel DeAnda Full Fight Video Highlights from WSOF 4

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Tyrone Spong did his thing and leg kicked Angel DeAnda for three straight rounds. Check out the highlights from the WSOF 4 main event in Ontario, California right here.

Tyrone Spong may be considered one of the best prospects in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) but his fight with Angel DeAnda at World Series of Fighting 4 (WSOF) left a lot to be desired. Many expected a first round stoppage as Spong was the clear favorite going into the fight. He has the striking pedigree to hang with anyone in the light heavyweight and heayvweight divisions, and trains with a camp that can prepare him better than most. But last night (August 10, 2013), Spong was unable to put his opponent away. The fight went the full three rounds and many were left feeling a little disappointed. With his upcoming bout on October 12, 2013 at Glory 11 at the Hoffman Estates just outside of Chicago, it's likely that Spong just didn't want to risk injury. Above are the highlights from the main event. There really aren't a lot of them.