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WSOF 4 results recap: Dave Huckaba vs Ray Sefo fight review and analysis

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How did Dave Huckaba beat Ray Sefo at his own game? Find out below!

Photo via WSOF

Two veteran heavyweights put on one hell of a show last night (Aug. 10, 2013) as Dave Huckaba battled promoter Ray Sefo on the World Series of Fighting 4 main card in Ontario, California.

Sefo, at 42 years young, was returning to the cage for the first time in over two years while Huckaba was given everyone's dream opportunity to punch your boss in the face with no repercussions.

This bout had no business being as awesome as it was, but that's a credit to both men who participated.

Sefo clearly had a technical striking edge early on, landing crisp counter punches and working Huckaba over with some powerful kicks on the outside, but Huckaba held his own, eating some heavy blows and continuing to press the action, looking surprisingly light on his feet for a gray-haired 39-year old.

Both men were more feeling each other out in the opening frame, trying to find their distance to really make the fight exciting, and it all paid off in the second.

Huckaba and Sefo began throwing heavy exchanges in the second round, showcasing surprising levels of sustained offense in a situation where most heavyweights would have slowed down drastically. Sefo worked Huckaba's legs over with some heavy kicks and follow-up punches to the head, but Huckaba responded by pressing Sefo into the fence, attempting a takedown or two, but doing his real damage with some nasty elbows to the side of the head.

Just when it seemed like Sefo's leg kicks were taking their toll and potentially about to end the fight, Sefo followed commentator Bas Rutten's advice and went high with a potential kill shot. Huckaba not only ducked under the head kick, but also replied with a sharp left hook that caught Sefo square on the chin and rocked the former K-1 stand-out.

Smelling blood, Huckaba lunged forward with a lightning flurry of punches, connecting nearly all of them on Sefo's now defenseless chin and he proceeded to unload with everything he had.

While Sefo refused to go down, he'd clearly had enough and the ref stepped in to put a stop to the fight, granting Huckaba the surprising standing TKO victory over a kickboxing legend.

For Ray Sefo, he actually looked pretty good in there, stuffing Huckaba's attempts to get the fight to the ground and landing on top when they both actually hit the canvas. His defense was pretty solid and his kicks were downright nasty. He absorbed a decent amount of damage along the fence, but nothing he wouldn't have been able to work around.

What killed him was the big left hook on the head kick attempt which left him completely exposed. As much as I love Bas Rutten, his advice was wrong. Sure, it would have been a bigger highlight reel finish had Huckaba landed the kick, but why risk a head kick when your opponent's legs are a sitting duck? Huckaba was already starting to slow down and limp. If Sefo had landed three or four more of those, he likely would have finished the fight Edson Barboza-style.

Sefo is 99.9 percent retired after that bout, but he went out having the fight of the night on his own promotion's event and he gave the fans a show, which was what he wanted more than even a victory.

For Dave Huckaba, he showed surprising determination in the face of adversity. A lesser man would have quit after eating those leg kicks, but he kept looking for openings and he found it when the head kick missed. His accuracy in the final fight-ending flurry was exceptional, cracking Sefo on the chin with nearly every shot.

Perhaps what I liked best of all was the fact that he was still so light on his feet at the beginning of the second round. Despite weighing in at the heavyweight limit, he was in pretty damn good shape physically and was moving very well in there. It was admirable to see him willing to stand and bang with a former standout K-1 kickboxer and the fact that he actually pulled off a stoppage victory makes it even more special.

There aren't many heavyweights in WSOF, but perhaps the Rolles Gracie fight can be rescheduled or someone else can be signed. Sefo promised to keep Huckaba busy and he's usually a man of his word.

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