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War Machine discusses the finer points of rape on twitter

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Bellator welterweight contender War Machine went to twitter to talk about #PowPow and his love of rape.

Sometimes the headlines just write themselves.

War Machine, or Mr. Machine as I like to call him, is at it again on twitter. The current Bellator welterweight contender and former porn star's twitter doesn't have a filter. Whatever he thinks is what he sends out to his 23,000 followers every day. Seriously, the guy is a serial tweeter.

Anyway, today (August 10, 2013), Mr. Machine went to twitter to discuss his thoughts on rape. Spoiler: they're insane.

Machine (Tom, is this really how I'm supposed to call him?) previously served two terms in prison due his inability to live in this beautiful thing we call "reality." During one of those terms he kept a blog and wrote perhaps the most asinine statement about the American prison system.

"The oppression of MEN is worse than oppression of Jews in Nazi germany, worse than the slavery of Blacks in early America... I'm not exaggerating either."

You'd expect to hear a statement from Spike TV or Bellator saying that he's been released but I doubt it. They are the network that aired MANSwers after all.

UPDATE: War Machine removed the "real men rape" tweet and said it was taken out of context.