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Say Whaaaaaaaaa? WSOF 4's Angel DeAnda says he can knockout Jon Jones

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Angel DeAnda is making his World Series of Fighting debut against Tyrone Spong. But DeAnda has his sights set on UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Angel DeAnda makes his World Series of Fighting (WSOF) debut this evening (August 10, 2013) in the main event against Tyrone Spong in Ontario, California at the Citizens Business Park Arena. DeAnda is a 11-2 light heavyweight, with 10 of those wins coming by way of TKO or knockout.

His opponent is the overwhelming favorite heading into this bout. According to Best Fight Odds, DeAnda is a 8:1 underdog, which in gambling terms means that most oddsmakers aren't giving him any sort of real chance tonight at defeating Spong.

DeAnda spoke with Stephanie Daniels of Bloody Elbow before his bout with Spong. While the discussion stayed mostly on topic, DeAnda dropped possibly one of the funniest quotes that I can remember in recent history.

If, no, when I beat Tyrone Spong on the feet, then everybody is not going to be saying that I'm just some backyard brawler ... I've got technique and I've been training and refining that technique for five years. I'm great on my feet and on the ground. Everybody is going to see that I'm for real. If I could fight anyone, I would like to fight Jon Jones. I think I can beat him. I think I can knock him out, too. I'd like to fight him or whoever is considered the best in the world that's at a reachable weight class that I can get to. I don't want to fight in a division that would be easily taken over. I want to compete and push myself. I want to fight the best.

Emphasis mine. But you read that correctly, the fighter that absolutely no one thinks will beat Tyrone Spong is saying that he could beat arguably the best light heavyweight fighter of all time by knockout. I guess if Jones gave him a free punch anything is possible?

Thanks Angel. I needed a laugh this Saturday afternoon.