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Ronda Rousey fires back at doubters of her dedication to MMA

Ronda Rousey is sick and tired of people comparing her to Gina Carano, despite comments stating she only planned to fight for four years.


Ronda Rousey's career has been a topic of discussion lately after news broke that she accepted roles in both the Expendables 3 and Fast & Furious 7. She's planning on bringing her training camps on set so she can prepare for her upcoming bout with Miesha Tate at UFC 168 to close out 2013.

With her big time Hollywood agents William Morris Endeavor (WME), it's likely that those offers will continue to come in, and she's going to have more opportunities to showcase her acting chops. As stated the other day, Expendables 2 and Fast & Furious 6 did a combined $1 billion worldwide in revenue. Those aren't small movie franchises.

Whether she likes it or not, Rousey is the current face of Women's Mixed Martial Arts, a title that was bestowed upon her when Gina Carano left the sport to try and hit the big time in Hollywood. The Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) entire women's division was created specifically for her.

Well, with all the talk and comparisons to Carano in the past few days, Rousey apparently has finally had enough and decided to launch into a tirade on twitter.

Ronda Rousey needs to calm down. People aren't just saying things just to say them. She's the one who said she was thinking about retiring in two years and that she's always had a four year plan. Those weren't made up quotes or things taken out of context.

I appreciate her passion and at the moment, yes, she is dedicated to the sport. But when a fighter starts to say things like "I do things in cycles" and "four years", it's not out of the ordinary for people to discuss the possibility of an early retirement.

That's all I got right now, I'm going to go back to enjoying spending the rest of my day seething over her options and choices.

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