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Rashad Evans: 'I won't fight Vitor Belfort' or any other training partners

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Learning from past mistakes, Rashad Evans declares he will never fight one of his training partners again, which means that a fight against Vitor Belfort -- or any other "Blackzilian" for that matter -- is out of the question.

Chris Trotman

It looks like Vitor Belfort isn’t the only one turning down fights.

Rashad Evans emphatically dismissed Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White's idea that he and Belfort go toe-to-toe after the outspoken Las Vegas, Nevada,-based mixed martial arts (MMA) boss suggested the fight because "The Phenom" wasn't interested in a Middleweight bout against Strikeforce import Tim Kennedy.

"Suga" and Belfort are both members of "The Blackzilians," forging a bond that isn't worth losing over a 15-minute match inside the Octagon. That's because, according to the former UFC Light Heavyweight champion, it's a tumultuous road he doesn't want to navigate again after the Jon Jones fallout.

He explained (via ESPN):

"I won't fight Vitor, I won't fight Thiago Silva. I won't fight Cezar "Mutante" Ferreira. I won't fight anybody who I train with! I made that mistake before, and I won't do that again. I lost a lot of relationships because I did that before."

After vowing to never fight one another, Evans and Jones -- who were former Jackson-Winkeljohn stablemates -- eventually found themselves locked inside the Octagon at UFC 145 after "Bones" had a sudden change of heart.

It was dramatic situation, with Evans taking is as a personal attack and going out of his way to alert fight fans that Jones was nothing more than a "fraud and a fake." Jones went on to defeat Evans via unanimous decision, but the spirited competition never healed their fractured relationship

Lesson learned.

And while White says he has yet to get a response from Belfort concerning the Evans fight, it's safe to say "The Phenom" -- who is already on White's last nerve -- will decline the match, too.