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Dana White: If Anderson Silva won, critics of his antics would have said 'Holy sh&#! He's the greatest!"


While many have been critical of Anderson Silva's performance this past weekend (July 6, 2013), the former UFC middleweight champion can still count Dana White as one of his backers. Silva was knocked out in the second round of the UFC 162 main event, snapping his record 16 fight UFC winning streak.

White vigorously defended Silva's actions inside the Octagon when questioned by the media at the UFC 162 post-fight press conference.

"Anderson SIlva is so talented. The guy knows what he's capable of doing. The guy knows what kind of punishment he's capable of taking. If he won tonight, we'd all be going, ‘Holy shit, I've never seen anything like that. He's the greatest.'" He got clipped tonight. He decided to fight the way he wanted to fight. We've seen this before when he does this and it's part of the reason he's been called great and everything else, the things he's capable of doing. But tonight it caught up with him. I don't think I saw anything tonight where, the big question heading into today was, "When does Anderson Silva show up and look 38 years old?" He looked great tonight right up until the end."

Before getting knocked out, Silva was seen with his hands at his sides, at his hips, clapping at Weidman, dancing, shuffling, beckoning Weidman to attack him along the fence, pretending to be hurt when Weidman landed strikes, slapping his own leg and overall being pretty disrespectful.

Perhaps that's what made Weidman's left hook knockout so sweet.

Regardless, it wasn't the first time Silva had acted up inside the UFC cage. He made waves against the likes of Patrick Cote, Thales Leites, Forrest Griffin, Stephan Bonnar and most notably Demian Maia, where UFC President Dana White threatened to cut him if he acted the same way again, win or lose.

My, how time changes one's opinion.

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