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UFC 162 results recap: Mark Munoz vs Tim Boetsch fight review and analysis

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How did Mark Munoz get back on track last night with a massive victory over Tim Boetsch? Find out below.

Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting

Two extremely potent middleweight wrestlers took to the Octagon last night (July 6, 2013) as Mark Munoz battled Tim Boetsch on the UFC 162 main card in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Both men were coming off disappointing stoppage losses which had derailed their respective runs towards the top of the division but an impressive showing could easily get either fighter back in the mix.

Despite a slightly slow start, it was Munoz who would impress the most.

Boetsch wasted no time early on, quickly closing the distance and pressing Munoz into the fence. It didn't take long for "The Barbarian" to really open some eyes by scooping up the former national champion wrestler and slamming him to the canvas with a very solid takedown.

Munoz was able to get back up but he didn't stay there for long as Boetsch again took him down. Just like before, however, he couldn't keep "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" on his back and they returned to jockeying for position in the clinch.

Eventually, Munoz made an adjustment and when Boetsch tried to take him down again, the former Oklahoma State Cowboy reversed him, forcing a scramble and taking top position. This was where the patented "Donkey Kong" ground and pound skills came into play. Every time Munoz secured a top position during a scramble, the brutal shots started raining down. Whatever was available to bomb, Munoz was dropping the hammer be it body, head, even the legs on occasion.

This took a TON out of Boetsch as the fight wore on, particularly the heavy body shots that Munoz repeatedly landed. Ultimately, Boetsch lost steam on his takedown and in the clinch which allowed Munoz to control the wrestling portion of the entire final two rounds. Instead of being a factor in the wrestling department, Boetsch was forced to play defensive and use his jiu-jitsu, rolling for leg locks and dropping for guillotines during takedowns.

That's simply not Boetsch's game.

Munoz's domination of the final two rounds in particular, despite not being able to secure a finish, was more than enough for him to be awarded a unanimous decision, his first victory since November of 2011.

For Tim Boetsch, he had the right idea early with the surprise takedowns, but he just couldn't do enough with them and he resorted to scrambling and clinching with Munoz far too much. He possesses some really nasty strikes from a distance with his kicks, having recently flash knocked down Costa Philippou in his previous bout. Once his wrestling and clinching stopped working, he really should have made the adjustment to strike from a distance but it just never really happened.

Don't be shocked to see Boetsch take on someone along the lines of Alan Belcher, Chris Camozzi or perhaps Brian Stann.

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