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Dana White explains Georges St. Pierre's 'crazy' decision to refuse Anderson Silva super fight

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If Anderson Silva is still interested in a "super fight" after UFC 162, it won't be against Georges St. Pierre. Here's why.

I'm out!
I'm out!

If you're going to risk getting KTFO, would you rather have it be against Johny Hendricks, or Anderson Silva?

That's the question Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White was wondering aloud during a recent media press conference, when reporters asked about Georges St. Pierre's unwillingness to try his luck against Anderson Silva.

"Rush," the welterweight champion, would be at a significant size disadvantage (says this guy) against "The Spider," the reigning middleweight kingpin.

Not that either fighter is safe at their current weight.

St. Pierre battles the hard-hitting Hendricks at the upcoming UFC 167 pay-per-view (PPV) event on Nov. 16, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, while Silva must defend his crown against Chris Weidman tomorrow night (July 6) from the MGM Grand in "Sin City."

Opportunity lost, according to White (via MMA Weekly):

"At the end of the day he weighs 170 pounds. He's a 170-pounder. If he weighed 185 pounds and felt that way I'd be real pissed. 'I'm the man here at 170. If I thought I was the man at 185 I'd be at 185.' I get it, but it's a fight that a lot of fans want to see. It's a big fight. It's a legacy fight. It's a fight for the pound-for-pound best in the world. What's crazy to me is GSP opted to take a very dangerous fight at 170 without trying to take a dangerous fight at 185."

Then again, Silva claims he could also make 170 pounds.

Criticism from White notwithstanding -- and perhaps I'm in the minority here -- but I don't believe passing on a Silva fight (which he allegedly did) is "crazy," nor do I believe it's a knock on St. Pierre's legacy. The Brazilian is 3-0 as a light heavyweight and holds a 205-pound win over a former division champion in Forrest Griffin. Will Silva make the "crazy" decision to pass on a fight against Jon Jones?

That may (or may not) depend on Saturday night.