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Dana White: Cain Velasquez would 'smash' Tyson Fury, would last as long as James Toney

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More fuel thrown on the Tyson Fury fire.

Pictured: James Toney
Pictured: James Toney
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Tyson Fury kept himself in the headlines earlier this year by calling out UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez, calling the American Kickboxing Academy standout a "midget" while proclaiming no man can beat him.

Needless to say, Velasquez wasn't amused, but he refused to play Fury's game, instead saying Fury wouldn't be getting a free ticket to a title shot just by running his mouth.

Even UFC President Dana White got involved, adding that Fury would get "smashed" by Cain if they ever squared off against each other.

Things heated up a bit during today's New York stop on the UFC World Tour press conference where Cain was once again asked about his own history watching boxing growing up and of course, the challenge from Fury.

Cain's response was level-headed, as per usual.

"Me, as far as boxing, I always loved it growing up. Watching Chavez fight gave me inspiration to play a combat sport. The Tyson Fury thing, I believe everybody needs to earn their shot. You don't just come in from another sport and get an automatic championship fight. He needs to work his way up. If he comes in and even fights somebody with no name, he's gonna get beaten up. I welcome the challenge of him to come in and work his way up. It's not gonna be pretty but he can do it."

But in typical Dana White fashion, the UFC President threw some fuel on the fire by calling out Fury on his notoriety and brought up the history of boxers having trouble inside the Octagon.

"Nobody knew who this dude was until he started calling out Cain Velasquez number one. Number two, Cain Velasquez has real guys to fight like Junior dos Santos and other guys in the heavyweight division. But I'll tell ya this, if Cain Velasquez continues on his run and runs through everybody, I would love to see Cain smash that fool. First of all he would come in here and it wouldn't be boxing, it would be MMA. If he wants to fight Cain Velasquez, he'll fight him MMA. That fight would last about as long as James Toney did."

James Toney, of course, was submitted in the first round at UFC 118 by former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture back in 2010.

Do you think it would be different if Fury were to step into the Octagon?