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Report: New UFC Signee Benjamin Brinsa is an Alleged Neo-Nazi

The UFC's newest signing is 23-year old German welterweight Benjamin Brinsa. He sports a 13-0 record... and a police record of hooliganism and neo-nazi participation.

Top international welterweight prospect Benjamin Brinsa was signed by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) earlier this week to a yet unannounced fight for later this year. "The Hooligan" has a quality record of 13-0, including a win against UFC veteran Dan Stittgen.

He also has an affiliation with Neo-Nazi group "Scenario LOK," according to multiple German news outlets. has the translation:

Brinsa is a member of the right-hooligan group "Scenario LOK" from Leipzig and posed behind a banner reading "ultras LOK - National Resistance." In addition, he was with Thomas Persdorf, a nationally known neo Nazi and operator of the shipment "Front Records," registered as a director of a company that managed the site "Aryan Brotherhood." According to information from the Leipzig anti-fascist magazine "Gamma," he is said to have worked as a janitor in the "national center" in Leipzig-Lindenau. Brinsa received a stadium ban in Leipzig due to his violence. He and his friend Christopher "Joker" Henze, also a member of the right-hooligan group "Scenario LOK," were received with open arms by La Familia and courted as "two powerful new additions" with "aggressive fighting style."


I'm willing to guess that UFC didn't do an extensive background check (just as they failed to do so on Brandon Saling), but perhaps they did a cursory examination and found he wasn't sporting a bunch of obvious tattoos, the way that Saling, Melvin Costa, Niko Puhakka or Toni Valtonen were.

If this report is indeed accurate, I'll be pretty surprised if Brinsa ends up actually fighting for the UFC after word makes it to the brass.

The good news is, he may already have a sponsor lined up.

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