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Dana White suggests Rashad Evans, not Chael Sonnen, might be next for Vitor Belfort

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match! Just as long as it isn't against Tim Kennedy.

Scott Cunningham

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion, Vitor Belfort, said he would rather return to a higher weight class than hang around at middleweight and throw hands against Strikeforce import Tim Kennedy.

Well, that's just fine with UFC President Dana White.

"Then let's do him and Rashad (Evans)," White told reporters at yesterday's promotional world tour. "He doesn't want to fight Tim Kennedy? Let's fight Rashad at 205."

Get in line.

Belfort was offered a fight against Kennedy earlier this week, in hopes of talking him down from the ledge. "The Phenom" lost the plot following White's decision to book Anderson Silva in an immediate rematch against Chris Weidman at UFC 168, following "The Spider's" shocking upset loss earlier this month in Las Vegas.

The longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran is only interested in title shots.

Then again, he may be willing to make an exception for light heavyweight loudmouth Chael Sonnen, who called for a Belfort brawl later this year (assuming he wins this fight), so long as the Brazilian is willing to put his No. 1 contender status on the line (see the impromptu matchmaking here).

And punishing "The American Gangster" for these scathing remarks may be too hard to resist.

As for now, nothing regarding Belfort's future is official, except for the fact that he is officially benched until White puts his stamp of approval on a prospective opponent. Rashad has been training with Vitor at the Blackzilians' camp and would likely decline such an offer, which indicates that Dana's matchmaking may have a hidden message: Fight Kennedy, or don't fight.

How long is the 36 year-old "Phenom" willing to ride the pine?

Tick-tock, tick-tock.