Cat fight! Ronda Rousey flips off Miesha Tate at UFC World Tour 2013 press conference

Photo via Strikeforce

Tension was in the air today (July 30, 2013) when Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey met up with her archrival Miesha Tate at today's UFC World Tour 2013 press conference (full recap here).

The two accomplished female fighters are set to debut as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 and will rematch at the end of the year in the co-main event of UFC 168.

Their dislike for one another has been well documented. And more fireworks erupted at today's promotional event, which also featured Jon Jones, Georges St. Pierre, Johny Hendricks, and Alexander Gustafsson.

When UFC President Dana White was asked if he had to keep the fighters on tour separated, he simply stated, "Just Ronda and Miesha."

Rousey was quick to chime in and add her two cents.

"We've been involved enough where we kind of have a rhythm of how we deal with each other, and um, she mostly just doesn't look me in the eye or talk to me, a lot of the time," she said. "Which I like to relate that to Mike Tyson's speech about seeing the chink in the armor about when your opponent won't look you in the eye, and that's pretty much how it goes all of the time.

To that, Tate replied, "That's not how it went backstage."

The two continued to battle, and when Rousey was asked about her rivalry with Tate, she put it bluntly:

"How is it not a rivalry? I have everything she wants in life."

Tate responded, "She has a lot of things I want. That's not what makes it a rivalry. She has a level of disrespect and a way of irritating me and vise versa. She irritates me."


It looks like the animosity between these two is reaching an all-time high. In fact, after the presser, the two foes proceeded to engage in a faceoff, which Rousey punctuated with an emphatic bird.

Check it out below (via MMA H.E.A.T.):


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