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Demetrious Johnson wants bantamweight superfights; Dana White 'doesn't hate the idea'

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When prompted, Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson remarked recently that he's on board with some superfights with someone in the bantamweight division. UFC President Dana White, for his part, doesn't hate the idea.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

It's taken just three fights for Demetrious Johnson to clean out the flyweight division, believe it or not. There was always going to be a serious lack of depth at 125-pounds, thanks to how young the division still is under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) banner, but it seems silly to start talking about superfights already.

Yet here we are.

Indeed, with Johnson having no interesting match-ups ahead of him right now, he was asked about the potential for moving back up to the bantamweight division at the UFC on Fox 8 post-fight press conference last night following his win over John Moraga in Seattle.

His response:

"I've beat the best of the best in the flyweight division. There are still up and coming fighters there, I know there are some key match-ups coming up soon. Louis Gaudinot is fighting somebody; so there are still a couple flyweights that I haven't fought yet and I wouldn't mind fighting them, whatever the UFC wants me to do, but I think everybody is focused on Anderson Silva, GSP, all those guys, but I think we can make some fun superfights down at a lighter weight division, the flyweights fighting the bantamweights. The bantamweights, I know they have their thing to fix out and we'll see what happens. I'm just here to fight and have a good time and put on a good performance for the UFC and the fans. ... As of right now, I'm just throwing it out there. You hear GSP and those guys and I think it's awesome. I just think there are superfights to be had at lighter weight divisions."

UFC President Dana White's thoughts:

"If Demetrious came and he said that he wants the champion at 135-pounds, I would have to talk to our matchmakers to see what they think to see what or what they want to do. I don't hate the idea."

If you remember, Johnson vacated the bantamweight division originally because he wasn't good enough to dethrone Dominick Cruz back in Oct. 2011. The situation at 135-pounds has changed, though, namely because Cruz hasn't competed since then, out thanks to multiple knee surgeries.

Renan Barao has been holding things down in the interim, but he's scheduled to defend his title against Eddie Wineland at UFC 165 on Sept. 21 in Toronto. Assuming he wins that fight, it now seems possible we could see Johnson vs. Barao in what the UFC would undoubtedly market as a superfight.

But do you Maniacs think it would be one? And would you even want to see it?