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No UFC in Gay Paree: France upholds ban on mixed martial arts (MMA)

If you're going to fight in Paris, make sure you do it on the soccer field.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like Paris and New York City have more in common than just tourism.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been extending its reach far across the globe, breaking into new markets like China, India and even Russia. But one country that has remained immune to its charms is France, which recently upheld its ban on mixed martial arts (MMA).

From Carole Bretteville, the president of the Women's Committee for Federation Francaise du Sport d'Entreprise (via

"France works very hard to promote equality in all aspects of life, especially in sports. I was appalled to find out how UFC was lobbying in France, especially when [told] how UFC has tolerated derogatory statements and attitudes against women. We cannot allow such an organisation to destroy all the work we have done to promote equality through French sports."


French fight fans looking to get their MMA fix will have to head to London, a frequent stop on the UFC world tour. In fact, light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will be stopping by in just a few weeks (details here) and another Manchester fight card -- featuring Michael Bisping vs. Mark Munoz -- is possible for Oct. 26 on FOX Sports 1.

As for Paris ... we can take the "Big Apple" motto and say, "Hey, maybe next year."

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