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UFC Quick Quote: Flyweights will headline future UFC pay-per-views

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Dana White feels that with a little more time and development, the UFC flyweight division will one day be ready to have championship fights headline major pay-per-view (PPV) events.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

"[Demetrious Johnson] has been on a lot of big cards...He's going to fight on FOX again, and we're in the building phase of that division. So the answer is yes."

-- Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White responds to a question regarding the future of the flyweight division on the UFC on FOX 8 pre-fight media conference call (listen to it here). White was asked if there will ever be a day where 125-pound fighters will headline a major pay-per-view (PPV) fight card, and while he doesn't have a timeframe, White is confident that will indeed be the case in the down the road. The flyweight division is still a relatively young addition to the world's premier mixed martial arts (MMA) organization, as the weight class was introduced in early 2012. In just that small timeframe, a four-man tournament has taken place to determine the first champion (Demetrious Johnson) and at UFC on FOX 8 on Saturday night (July 27, 2013), a 125-pound title fight will headline a network television event for the second time this year as Johnson puts his belt on the line against top contender John Moraga. Fan interest in the flyweight division isn't nearly the same as some of the UFC's other weight classes, but as time goes on White believes stars will be born and the division will get a spotlight on a PPV platform.

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