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UFC Quick Quote: 'Floyd Mayweather would get killed by an average college wrestler'

If that's the case, imagine what a wrestler like Jordan Oliver would do.

Jeff Bottari

"MMA for sure is more of a realistic contest, more of a realistic test as far as using the body in martial arts competition. Although not considered a martial art, boxing is really a martial art. It's a very limited martial art as long as you agree to just box. It's only hands. There are no kicks; there are no takedowns. It's effective in competition, but in an actual physical fight against someone who's just a wrestler, you're going to get killed. Floyd Mayweather would get killed by an average college wrestler. There would be no competition. If you took Floyd Mayweather today and made him fight against your average college wrestler, that college wrestler is going to shoot on him, pick him up, drop him on his head, and knock him out. There's nothing that Floyd can do about it. He's going to get knocked out by getting slammed on his head. A judo guy would do the same thing to him. A jujitsu guy would strangle him, no question about it."

Boxing vs. MMA? Pfffft. Boxing wouldn't even stand a chance against college wrestling. That's according to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator and longtime martial arts practitioner Joe Rogan, who deconstructs the art of fighting across multiple disciplines in the August issue of Inked (check it out here). The "Fear Factor" host will also "Question Everything" next Wednesday (July 24, 2013) beginning at 10 p.m. ET on SyFy (see why here), including Bigfoot, viruses and weaponized weather. Sounds like a blast -- and it sure beats listening to what he calls "Unfuckable white dudes." But is he on the "Money" when it comes to his Mayweather prediction?

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