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GQ 'Bald 100' 2013: UFCs Dana White lands at #83 for being 'powerful, influential and badass-looking'

Lookout! Dana White is among the Top 100 most powerful, influential and just plain badass-looking bald men in the world, according to GQ magazine.


Bold Bald and beautiful bad ass?

Dana White might be #45 on Sports Illustrated's "50 Most Powerful People In Sports" (2013) and #41 on Sports Business Journal's "50 Most Influential People In Sports Business" (2011) lists, but the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president is only #83 on GQ's "100 Most Powerful Bald Men in the World" recent roll call.


White landed between #82 Birdman (the rapper, not the mohawked basketball player) and #84 Mort Zuckerman, a
magazine editor and big-time publisher. The criteria to make the list is admittedly unscientific, which means that perhaps the t-shirt-wearing White should just be honored to included in the "bad ass" bunch.

Here is how he is succinctly described:

"As president of UFC, has done more than anyone to make MMA an actual thing."

While his description is ridiculously short, it's spot on, considering the Herculean effort White and Co. have put forth over the years to educate politicians about mixed martial arts (MMA) and have it regulated in virtually every state besides New York.

Perhaps the refined, GQ-reading folks in Albany will one day catch the drift and learn just how "powerful" and "influential" MMA can be when it comes to budget balancing.

Or not.

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