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Video: Mayhem Miller pulls a knife during FOX interview, talks possible MMA return following knee surgery

Note to all fighters: If you ever get hot during an interview, or just have a big neck, whip out a giant knife while you're talking and cut your shirt to pieces. Hey, it works for Mayhem Miller!

"I got some mileage on me for 32. Have I thought about fighting? All the time! Every time anybody brings anything up. I'm an intense guy. Now, I have to have two knee surgeries. I'm going to rebuild him. Make him faster, stronger. Then, we'll talk about it. If I do (come back), it will be on my terms, not this corporate monarchy. If I ever do come back to fighting, you'll be the first to know."

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Jason Miller hasn't ruled out a return to mixed martial arts (MMA), but if he does come back, it will have to wait until after he's rebuilt himself. The embattled "Mayhem," who refuses to operate under the control of the "corporate monarchy," will continue to develop his own clothing line while he goes under the knife (not the one he whipped out at 1:03 of his interview) to have both knees repaired. That surgery, not coincidentally, has been one of his biggest gripes with former boss and UFC President Dana White, who he claims "pretended" he was going to foot the hospital bill. See more on Miller's retirement and falling out with the ZUFFA brass -- which started after this incident -- by clicking here and here.

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