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Dana White: Cowboys Stadium under consideration, but Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman rematch feels like a 'huge Vegas fight'

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Cowboys Stadium has been on UFC President Dana White's radar for years, teasing fights between Brock Lesnar and Fedor Emelianenko, as well as Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre. Is Chris Weidman a big enough name -- even in a "Spider" rematch -- to finally get the promotion into Dallas?


When and where will Anderson Silva rematch Chris Weidman?

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White has likely been on the phone for the past seven days, anserwing the same question over and over, following the UFC 162 shocker back on July 6, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Weidman knocked out Silva in the second round to win the middleweight strap (video).

Since then, speculation has been running wild as to how long the mixed martial arts (MMA) universe would have to wait for a second dance. Anderson Silva (along with Vitor Belfort) would prefer it's sooner, rather than later, after invoking his rematch clause.

And the destination could be none other than "Sin City."

"This just feels like one of those huge Vegas fights to me," White told Yahoo! Sports. "We are talking about a rematch and I am and have been confident I will get it done. It isn't done yet, though."

Earlier this week, White confirmed that four locations were currently under consideration for Weidman vs. Silva 2, including Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas, as well as New Jersey, Las Vegas and Brazil. "The Garden State" is a candidate due to the fact that Super Bowl 48 will be held at Giants Stadium in February.

Brazil is "The Spider's" hometown and Las Vegas is the fight capital of the world.

To date, we don't have many details on when these two will hook 'em up for a second time. What we do know, is that all parties involved (including Cowboys owner Jerry Jones) are ready to make it happen later this year or first quarter 2014. Now it just comes down to logistics and of course, signatures.

If you had a choice, when and where would you want to see it?