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UFC Quick Quote: Chris Weidman would be ‘1000 percent in' for a super fight with Jon Jones

Chris Weidman tells ESPN that if he was offered the opportunity by the UFC to take on Jon Jones in a "super fight," he would be "1000 percent in" for it.


"Definitely not against GSP. First off, I would never call out someone who was a lot smaller than me. I've trained with him before, and he's just a smaller guy. I'm not the type of guy who is going to be like, Hey, you want to fight? I've got Anderson Silva on my mind, but if the fans wanted to see that fight [against Jones] and the UFC wanted it to happen, I'm 1000 percent in. I asked to fight Jon Jones on 10 days' notice back when Dan Henderson got hurt. But I wasn't a big enough name at that point, so they were like, no."

-- Freshly minted Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight titleholder Chris Weidman discusses the possibility of a "super fight" against either welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre or light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones in a recent interview with ESPN. "All American" has no interest in facing St. Pierre due to the fact he fights in a lower weight class and they are friends; however, when it come to Jones, that's another story entirely. Weidman offered to step in and face "Bones" on short notice at the ill-fated UFC 151 event in Sept. 2011, but at that time his name carried significantly less value than it does today and it was not a logical match up. While Weidman has a rematch with Anderson Silva as well as several other 185-pound contenders to get through before any "super fight" talks become a reality, he says if an opportunity to mix it up with Jones was presented to him, there isn't a chance he would pass it up.

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