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UFC on Fuel TV 10 results recap: Rony Jason vs Mike Wilkinson fight review and analysis

How did Rony Jason make quick work of Mike Wilkinson last night? Find out below.

Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting

A winner of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Brazil battled a fellow international TUF veteran last night (June 8, 2013) as featherweight Rony Jason took on Mike Wilkinson in the opening bout of the UFC on FUEL TV 10 main card in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Jason has quickly built up a solid following both in Brazil and everywhere else, wearing his heart on his sleeve and bringing that trademark mask to the cage. Wilkinson was out to prove to him that hard-nosed wrestling can beat a powerful striker with submission abilities.

He was wrong.

Jason quickly had the momentum in the bout, opening with some strikes in the cage center and backing Wilkinson towards the fence. When he committed a bit too heavily to a hook, Wilkinson was easily able to change levels and power him to the ground with a takedown.

The English fighter wasn't able to celebrate for long, however, as he was barely able to get his bearings from inside the Brazilian's guard before he was being forced to defend himself from a variety of attacks.

The second Jason brought his legs up, he worked to isolate an arm and cinch in a triangle choke. The TUF Brazil winner tightened the hold from bottom, maneuvering Wilkinson with his lower body and then pummeled him with elbows form bottom until the Brit went completely unconscious less than 90 seconds into the opening round.

For Mike Wilkinson, he didn't get much of an opportunity to showcase what he was capable of as the fight was just too short. His takedown timing was spectacular, taking Jason out of his stand-up attack, but he was far too reckless, not defending himself properly against one of the most predictable submissions someone would throw from bottom. Once he got caught in the hold, he was toast, simple as that.

If he wants to take fighters down and work them over from top, he's going to have to be able to avoid getting tapped. Perhaps he could stay closer to his opponent next time, chest to chest instead of giving them space.

If Wilkinson is given another fight, it'll be somebody like Stephen Bass, Robbie Peralta or Godofredo Pepey.

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