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UFC on FUEL TV 10 results: Thiago Silva knocks out Rafael Cavalcante, gets called out by Bigfoot Silva

Thiago Silva was hardly done knocking out Rafael Cavalcante at UFC on FUEL TV 10: "Nogueira vs. Werdum" last night (June 8, 2013) in Brazil when Bigfoot Silva came out of the woodwork with a challenge for a showdown. True story, folks. Come read it.

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Well I guess if you keep getting pasted by the biggest dog in the yard in your own division, the next best move is to call out a glorified mid-carder in the division below yours. That's the strategy that was recently employed by Antonio Silva, who just got knocked out in the very first round by Cain Velasquez at UFC 160 on May 25 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was the second time that had happened, by the way.

Currently resting up from that beating, "Bigfoot" sat watching last night's (June 8, 2013) UFC on FUEL TV 10: "Nogueira vs. Werdum" event in Fortaleza, Brazil, apparently very interested in the outcome of Thiago Silva's showdown with Strikeforce import Rafael Cavalcante.

Silva knocked "Feijao" out in the first round. The other Silva wasted no time calling him out on Twitter, claiming the two have a debt to settle and should meet inside the Octagon. There's just one problem with that.

Thiago is a light heavyweight.

His response to the challenge was short, sweet, and completely dismissive. From the post-fight press conference:

"He must be sad because I left American Top Team, but if he wants to fight me he has to come down to 205. That's it."

That will never happen. "Bigfoot" couldn't make 205-pounds even if he dieted for the next two years and started suffering from bulimia. He's a mammoth of a man with a legitimate growth disorder who actually has to cut weight just to make the 265-pound heavyweight limit.

His argument, apparently, is that Thiago cuts down from around 230-pounds, so the two should be able to meet at heavyweight, no problem.

Yeah, right.

Don't expect anything to come of this other than maybe a few more bombastic tweets that will be forgotten about within a matter of a couple weeks.

If they did fight, though, who do you Maniacs think would take it?

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